Did a large CME cause the Great Chicago Fire?

Grand Solar Minimum: Science behind the cycles and effects, as well as historical analysis.
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Re: Did a large CME cause the Great Chicago Fire?

#11 Post by anomalous howard » Mon Feb 25, 2019 6:02 am

I'd like to show you how I've delved into "God help us all!"
My view, or foundation if you will, stems from the very purpose for which we exist.
Let's start from the perspective of understanding our purpose in relation to the existence of God.
Regardless of the REALITY of whether or not God exists, the perspective that God does exist can be legitimately entertained. It's impossible to empirically KNOW one way or the other but one can explore the perspective as if God does indeed exist.
First, there is the historical record which is said to come to us, through intermediaries, as God's word.
We must start from there since it has been a consistently held tradition for literally thousands of years.
Within this tradition there are accountings of the hierarchy of the beings created by God.

Understanding that much, one can only conclude that we are fully responsible for helping ourselves. This is because humans have been placed above all other beings created by God and are the 2nd highest beings within "infinity". "The tribe", as you refer to them, have hitched their wagon to a being that is actually lower than us in the hierarchy. That being disputes that we are higher and is trying to prove it. We can only rely on ourselves to prove otherwise...or else.

"The tribe" are siding with what we can call the underdog. There's a psychological flaw involved with choosing an underdog in matters that are actually crucial. That involves the ego which is, ironically, an avenue to self-destruction. When that aspect of the ego is not properly held in check, the tendency toward self-destruction can get projected in a way that manifests itself as the desire to control others in order to self-affirm. But it's inflated self affirmation. Attempts at inflated self-affirmation by imposing self-destructive dictates on others reflects the insecurity involved with betting on the underdog. They KNOW they've made the wrong choice but their improperly internalized egos compel them to actions that amount to control freak activity. They have a fatal lack of balance. The historical records ascribed to "God" are intricately designed to promote balance in this regard. Organized religions have sadly distorted that aspect mostly because "the tribe" has infiltrated religion. And, of course, you can see the results. Organized religion is destroying itself.

True cooperation is the key. True cooperation is the very premise of Christian's forum here. It's why I am here...recognizing the truthfulness in cooperation on which this forum is predicated. It's also why I started https://www.siliconinvestor.com/subject ... ctid=59964

Here's how I approached the question a couple years ago:
https://www.facebook.com/approaching42/ ... 5312834145

You'll have weeks and weeks of "fun" with that. But the first section is what's pertinent to "God help us all!" (He already has...now it's up to us. And on the other side of the coin...if there is no God...it's still up to us. Same same. Pascal's Wager)

Best Regards - your philosopher/science enthusiast,

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Re: Did a large CME cause the Great Chicago Fire?

#12 Post by Andy F » Mon Feb 25, 2019 10:08 pm

EGO becomes F'd over by creation of the Super Ego in the adult, which rarely is truly overcome. It is a well known fact that the tribe created this Super Ego by way of teaching their children they're God's chosen and perfect in every way, and also that everyone in the world hates them and wants to harm or kill them outright, and they practice this from the moment of the child's birth. They have special camps to teach those beliefs for weeks on end, a kibbutz, or, better known in USA as a commune, which is one step from communism. This is not the same as efforts towards a collaborative & thriving community like we're attempting today with GSM people who're aware.
The trouble is, few people truly hate them, those that do are created and contrived by the "Who Controls the Alt-Right & Neo-NAZIS?" which was all created and is still controlled by the tribe and their dupes, THE NAZI MYTH MUST STAY ALIVE & REPARATIONS MUST CONTINUE TO BE PAID TO THE TRIBE!
Charlottesville NC was a total MYTH and creation by the tribe.

They're not perfect, nor chosen. It's the failed Blood Genetics within the tribe, bottom line. It is at the crux of nearly everything evil in the world, and much of that evil doings is blamed on innocent bystanders, and human & sex trafficking are used as a partial coverup. On one hand, they're at risk of being bred out of existence and they're incredibly worried, these are their own statements not mine. Up to 47% of the world's tribe are breeding from outside their tribe, and 37% want to leave their tiny reservation with the walls. When you have one tribe member who has donated his sperm to over 200 females who then produced a child, their genetic issues become compounded radically for future mating. How do they intend on tracking those children of one father? Their statement [paraphrased] is, outbreeding is far more effective towards wiping out their entire race than Hitler could have ever dreamed possible.

On the other hand, I figure in around 5 to 8 generations, the tribal genetics will be further diluted through their own efforts of survival, until they wipe themselves out entirely. Hallelujah! Maybe then, after this present Ice Age finally warms, there MIGHT be peace in the world.
I'm not so sure about "their" Donmeh tribe though (Saudi Wahabbism).

Organized Religion, you say? Who do you think infiltrated and did all of that "organizing" from within the USA's Christian churches, and worldwide? The tribe did it, whether they admit it or not, they have always HATED the Christians and their churches. The Spanish Inquisition comes to mind, and it is illogical the tribe was killed off during the Inquisition for simply having different religious beliefs. No, it was far more than that, but today the truth is now a lie aka a "Canard" or "Trope".

Religion was reorganized for the tribe by the tribe, the sell out Pastor's were duped with riches by and through their 501[C]3 churches, and the ADL etc as well as the tribe's school board members who're presently in 2018-9 rewriting the school books to reflect the tribes religion of chosen status. The other "movement" by the tribe & ADL etc, is to rewrite the last editions of the New Testament which was originally written by the tribe to become controlled opposition but has outlived its usefulness and now to be rewritten or at least annotated for Political Correctness, there are HUGE numbers of businesses behind these opposing sides.
It is all utter bullshit for control of Humanity.
The story behind that, and the Origins of Humanity, is another discussion on Plagiarism. Until one takes into account the "Kybalion" and The "Sumerians" and "The Epic of Gilgamesh" and compares the Bible to those, then nothing will ever make any sense of the Cult that Hijacked the World!

After all that, yes, I do believe in Gods, and the evidences of the Creators of Humanity, and try to live my daily life according to the big 10, and honesty is just one of those 10. I have that one, to nigh up to a fault. But, Political Correct is not in the big 10 Commandments, which is exactly WHY the ADL & tribe has done legislation to remove church from state. Remember the stone 10 Commandments at one state capitol building that was such a huge controversy & was eventually removed? Yep, the tribal perps.

It's the "honesty" clause they fear nowadays, along with the nearly wide open internet.
So yes, the tribe is nucking futz.

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