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US Government Rumblings

#1 Post by Andy F » Tue Oct 23, 2018 11:17 pm

"The Opportunity Costs of Socialism" (Marxist) Download PDF here... ... ialism.pdf
October 2018 Executive Report by the (CEA) Council of Economic Advisors for the Executive Office of the President of the United States.

It is not like US Gov't does not know the ugly ugly history of Marxism. The fact that they are discussing it, means they are aware and attempting to stop it in its tracks.
If I had time to read only short sections, I'd read the Introduction, Dismal Track Record, and Conclusion. I did read the entire text.

Introduction starts on page 5.
"Socialism is making a comeback in American political discourse. Detailed policy proposals from self-declared socialists are gaining support in Congress and among much of the younger electorate.The purpose of this report is to evaluate the claims of modern U.S. socialists from the perspective of economists who have extensively studied the costs and benefits of socialism. We examine socialism’s historical and modern vision and intent, its economic incentives, its impact around the world on economic performance, and its relationship with recent policy proposals in the U.S....."

The Dismal Track Record of Highly Socialist Countries starts on page 14.
"Despite this evidence, current socialists argue that U.S. tax rates are not nearly high enough on capital income and on top personal incomes, even though these rates are already near or above what they are in the Nordic countries....."

The BORG is my explanation on the nice sounding "Democratic Socialists" which are statist leftist collectivists who make political demands to spend YOUR money for their socialist goals. Lots of highly relevant political babble on finance, capitalism, Marxist ideologies of Democratic Socialists, dangerous results of Marxism on Stalin & China's Mao Communism, Marxist theories on spreading the wealth of Bourgouisie (wealthy) to Proletariats (worker's are We The People).

Conclusion is pages 55-56. The last paragraph, pg 56, is chilling, it furthers my belief that our MANY "Marxist Socialists" already sitting in our US Gov't offices does know about present and past food crop losses and also knows about the coming Ice Age.

"The CEA does not expect that socialist policies would cause food shortages in the United States, because socialists are no longer proposing to nationalize food production..."

A short summary? Marx's Theory, used by todays Democratic Socialists doesn't work now, it never did work no matter how many times its been modified, and it is incredibly dangerous. Peter Nolan's "China" topic books & his other political books were required reading in PoliSci.
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