South West Trees dying

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South West Trees dying

#1 Post by Elew » Thu Nov 22, 2018 4:41 pm

Pinyon Pines in Nevada and the Four Corners area, some things I have seen over the years...

Starting in the 90s (long before actually, but that is when this study was conducted...
[PDF]northern paiute and western shoshone land use in northern nevada

When the BLM wants the land... ... D0o1Rv9Nw/

When Nestle wants the water... ... /84599910/ ... g-facility

When the people's water is poisoned... ... c1b06.html

When the EPA assures the water is toxic... ... index.html

Emerging Contaminants in Arizona’s Water, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality , September 2016 ... _final.pdf

When after the water is poisoned, they want the clean water the tribes protect... ... c3644.html

And then there are the open uranium pits... ... /13680399/

It's not drought. Pinyons live for hundreds of years, they lived through the dust bowl period. Pinyons don't even start producing viable seed until they are about 150 years old.
It is not GSM, these trees lived through the Maunder Minimum with ease. Some Pinyons live to be 10,000 years old.
The trees are poisoned, they are ill from all the toxic crap (and we didn't even get into the nuke testing, or cyanide gold mining). Ill trees get beetles. And if you place beetle kill deadfall from one forest into another ill forest...well, you get more beetle kill.

And hey look, to go full circle...did you know beetle kill can be used for Biomass...with no complaints from the tribes ... ofuel.html ... o-biofuel/ ... ne-beetles

Pinyons in the dust bowl era...because they have fed our people always ... cument.pdf ... ests.shtml

Pine nut = tepa

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Andy F
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Re: South West Trees dying

#2 Post by Andy F » Thu Nov 22, 2018 6:01 pm

Thank you, Elew. This is a very good and informative post, I've managed halfway through, still reading/saving. I did know a bit about the poisoned water in the Southwest. I'm always willing to learn more. I'd only heard of the Uranium Pits :twisted:

Then, there was the 1960s/70s "extremely" HEAVY spraying of Dioxin (then Silvex & Kuron), Dioxin is chemically similar to Agent Orange defoliant used over Viet Nam, over the San Carlos Apache Reservation and the Cancer Cluster (not sure they used that term) and the Silvex spraying and the empty barrels given to the Tribe for water barrels. I get regular email updates through Indian Country Today (ICT) here - ... CV0RdDthQ/
What I like most about ICT is their writers are well educated and unbiased. They just say what IS and don't cherry pick to support their claims.

It is egregious that state leaders feel they must spray chemical poisons (DOW cares about $) when they could arrange for volunteers to manage the plant life. But, if you're a chemical mfg'r then you want to sell as much as possible. Money kickbacks were likely given to someone, but WHO got the money? We'll never know.
Volunteerism requiring physical laborers seems to have died out though. No Stewardship or values for our lands anymore. BTW, I hate RoundUp too.

In the past few years, I'd done quite a bit of reading on the amazing Sacred Texts website, in an effort to understand religions of others to learn why their members act the way they do and why their reactions to those not in their religious group which seems rather odd to many. Buying their entire library is on my monthly want to buy list. I never seem to get around to buying, based on priorities, of Needs vs Wants.
"Conspiracy Theorist: One who asks legitimate questions about shady activities of people who're well known to be liars." :mrgreen:

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