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Re: Special Forces w/ Hazmat Suits in Downtown LA, Extracting Something From a Wells Fargo

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 3:13 am
by Andy F
PLOT Always Thickens with members of the tribe!
Plane crash on Feb 4, 2019 - That plane that blew apart in the sky & killed 4 family members in their home, pilot was Antonio Pastini whose real name is Jordan Isaacson, said to be an Israeli Weapons Trafficker & flew weapons to Las Vegas in the past. He lives in Gardenerville Nevada, and a personal pilot for famous Nevada brothel. Pastini was the owner of Sushi & Teri Kim Lee's Japanese Restaurant in Carson City.
FAA confirmed that Isaacson was Pastini. The agency said he submitted two name changes to the FAA: first in 1991 from Jordan Albert Isaacson to Jordan Ike Aaron, then in 2008 to Antonio Peter Pastini. Pastini told friends, family and even newspapers that he was a retired Chicago police officer.
But Chicago police have said he never worked for them and a Chicago police badge he was carrying when he crashed had been reported lost in 1978.
Chicago is a tribal zone, of course they'd refuse to acknowledge Isaacson as former LEO there. They're done with him now, for good. Some say the plane "crash" was a hit.

Bloomberg Billionaires Index - Sheldon Adelson ... g-adelson/
Sheldon Adelson is chairman and majority shareholder of Las Vegas Sands, the world's largest casino operator. The Las Vegas-based business controls casino resorts.

Mandalay Bay hotel shooting & Rapiscan TSA frauds.
We all know high stakes gamblers rent the Brothel women tricksters, and can be ordered on demand & the hotel workers fix them up.

Sheldon Adelson is also named in The Paradise Papers, known for off shore banking for the reasons of tax free & money laundering.

Re: Special Forces w/ Hazmat Suits in Downtown LA, Extracting Something From a Wells Fargo

Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 6:21 am
by Andy F
My vote is, the HAZMAT suited agents took a BioWeapon along with computer hard drives from the Wells Fargo building, two of which are owned by Thomas Girardi and Sanchez. Wells Fargo has LONG history of money laundering and the 50,000 fraudulent "fake bank accounts" scandals.

Reported November 9, 2009 - On August 13, 2009 The Strange Case of Joseph Moshe, known Mossad agent and also Israeli MicroBiologist, Dual USA/Israeli Citizen, Swine Flu "BioWeapon" HAZMAT Team, SWAT, Helicopters, Police, on the freeway in Westchester just outside of Los Angeles. Moshe was NOT a whistleblower...tasered, taken away, spirited back to Israel, we were to never to hear anything about Moshe again.
So typical.

The Strange Case of Joseph Moshe

1919 Spanish Flu virus?
Jeffrey Taubenberger, a tribal member is who has been working on recreating the virus since around 1997, after extracting the virus from an Inuit Indian Tribe woman whose body along with the virus had been preserved in ice since 1918. HOW do I knowe he's a tribal member? I'd tracked him down to the usual tribal hangouts, a summer long Kibbutz and at Einstein hospital. February 2019, still working on that same virus.
It's ALIVE!!!
WHO IS Jeffrey Taubenberger?
Jeffery Taubenberger - Wikipedia -
Jeffery K. Taubenberger (born 1961 in Landstuhl, Germany) is an American virologist. With Ann Reid, he was the first to sequence the genome of the influenza ...

An Intern at the Center of the Great Flu Pandemic – Albert Einstein Hospital NYC ... ... -pandemic/
Feb 22, 2019 ... At the Jewish Hospital, “53 women volunteers offered their services to a hospital ... Morens, David M., and Taubenberger, Jeffery K. “Influenza

Various news videos on Joseph Moshe - ... jreload=10

Council on Foreign Relations - September 15, 2009 (CFR started by the tribe's own D. Rockefeller, this report is about getting the vaccine out and getting people to agree to get the vaccine)
Public Health Threats and Pandemics. Constraints Loom for Swine Flu Vaccine
David Fedson, an international expert in flu vaccine policy, says the current distribution system could leave many developing countries without access to vaccines during a flu pandemic. Fedson suggest…Conclusions: It turns out that none of the influenza scientists really know anything at all about host response factors to serious illnesses, like sepsis or crush injury, that occur in people who have had major motor vehicle accidents.

Recent News from highly credible sources:
Russia claims US is running a secret bio weapons lab in Georgia (Ukraine)
Probably correct. ... n-georgia/
Oct 4, 2018 ... Russian general says it's part of a network of U.S. labs near Russia and China, ... Trending: Fort Stewart murder plot · Border wall improves troop effectiveness? .. ...

Army Suspends Germ Research at Maryland Lab - The New York ... ... germs.html
Feb 9, 2009 ... ... some pathogens stored at the biodefense laboratory at Fort Detrick, Md., ... of laboratories working on potential bioweapons, notably anthrax.

MoA - Scientists Raise Alarm Over U.S. Bio-Weapon ProgramsCredible source with citations. ... grams.html
Oct 6, 2018 ... The U.S. is running biological weapon research across the globe: .... In 2002 weaponized anthrax spores from the U.S. biological warfare laboratory in Fort Detrick

via FAS Federation of American Scientists.
Next Generation Bioweapons - Federation Of American Scientists
PDF AutoDownload only -
Oct 22, 2018 ... on plague research in Pasechnik's lab also defected to the United ... in its stored form, but could be easily converted into a deadly antibiotic-
Yu want to read the Conclusion starting page 27.
NextGen Bioweapons USAF.jpg
Spanish Flu virus of 1918-9 has already been traced to have come in a vaccine created at Fort Dix, military base medical and bioweapon lab. It is still there today, I think it is a Level 4 Biologicals Storage Lab.
Do I trust these actors?
He!! with a good number of NOs.

Re: Special Forces w/ Hazmat Suits in Downtown LA, Extracting Something From a Wells Fargo

Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 7:00 am
by Andy F
What was in that Israeli plane that flew out of the Atlanta airport? - Sott Centers for Disease Control is in Atlanta, I'd already covered several of the strange Virologists' deaths. Ya'll don't really know how this all works? I do. ... wer-outage
What was in that Israeli plane that flew out of the Atlanta airport during the power outage? ... Tue, 19 Dec 2017 20:55 UTC. flight record .... Interesting that in both situations, The world's busiest airport experienced an unprecedented power outage that seemed to defy all of the precautions put in place to prevent it, and during the 11-hour ordeal, internet users noted that only one mysterious plane was allowed to leave the airport. Over 1,000 flights were canceled when the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport lost power around 1 p.m. on Sunday, causing a chaotic situation as thousands of travelers were affected. While Georgia Power claimed that the power outage was the result of a small fire, it left many wondering why the generators and backup systems available to prevent such an emergency were not utilized.

All flights were grounded during the power outage-or at least that is what the public was told. According to the air traffic website, FlightRadar24, there was at least one flight that landed at the airport right before the power went out and then left in the middle of the ordeal. A Boeing 747, with the tail number 4X-ICB, is a cargo plane that landed in Atlanta from Mexico City at 1 p.m. on Sunday.

Despite the fact that Atlanta officials claim the next flight did not leave the airport until 12:26 a.m. on Monday, after the power was restored, the records from 4X-ICB show that it departed from Atlanta at 6:27 p.m. on Sunday-right in the middle of the outage.
The plane's next destination was Liege, Belgium, and while it could be played off as just another cargo plane, the fact that it was the only plane allowed to leave Atlanta's airport is just one notable factor.

The plane is operated by CAL Cargo Airlines, a Jewish airline company headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. Its fleet consists of just three Boeing 747's and it claims to transport a variety of cargo, including "controlled pharmaceutical and healthcare products, live animals, dangerous goods, oversize and overweight cargo."

The airline's website lists two members on its Board of Directors-Chairman & CEO, Offer Gilboa, an Israeli entrepreneur who previously worked for one of the largest commercial real estate companies in Israel; and Vice Chairman Muli Ravina, an Israeli businessman who previously worked as Assistant to the Director General at the Ministry of Finance.

Not only does CAL Cargo Airlines have direct ties to the Israeli Government but there is also a questionable amount of power surrounding one of the airline's businesses. Liege Airport Cargo Handling Services (LACHS), a cargo terminal in Belgium, is fully owned and operated by CAL Cargo Airlines.

Re: Special Forces w/ Hazmat Suits in Downtown LA, Extracting Something From a Wells Fargo

Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 7:32 am
by Andy F
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1999 Feb 16;96(4):1651-6.
Origin and evolution of the 1918 "Spanish" influenza virus hemagglutinin gene.
Reid AH1, Fanning TG, Hultin JV, Taubenberger JK.

The "Spanish" influenza pandemic killed over 20 million people in 1918 and 1919, making it the worst infectious pandemic in history. Here, we report the complete sequence of the hemagglutinin (HA) gene of the 1918 virus. Influenza RNA for the analysis was isolated from a formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded lung tissue sample prepared during the autopsy of a victim of the influenza pandemic in 1918.

Re: Special Forces w/ Hazmat Suits in Downtown LA, Extracting Something From a Wells Fargo

Posted: Fri Mar 08, 2019 12:21 am
by Andy F
Silkwood v. Kerr-McGee Corp.
Excerpts below,
Read story @ Romero Institute -

On November 13, 1974, Karen Silkwood, a safety inspector and activist with the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers Union, died when her car was run off the road in rural Oklahoma. She was on her way to meet a New York Times reporter and give him a folio containing evidence of health and safety violations at the nuclear reprocessing plant where she worked. It contained documents proving that the Kerr-McGee nuclear corporation was missing 40 pounds of 98% pure bomb-grade plutonium, enough to make four atomic bombs as powerful as the one that destroyed Hiroshima. Were no atomic bombs in Japan, was all Napalm cluster bombs.

After a congressional investigation and two explosive congressional hearings, Daniel Sheehan, attorney with the Jesuit Office of Social Ministries, filed a lawsuit on behalf of Silkwood’s children. He launched a national investigation to discover the truth about what happened to her. The investigation revealed who killed her and why, and where her body went when it disappeared for 48 hours. It uncovered who Guess who? stole her documents from her car and why. It revealed who contaminated her, her fellow workers, and the public. It exposed a secret national political [ADL is Mossad] surveillance organization of off-duty police, the Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit, spying on Silkwood and the union.

Most importantly, the investigation discovered that members of the top management of the Kerr-McGee Nuclear Facility, with the direct participation of the American C.I.A., were smuggling the missing plutonium to Israel, Iran, South Africa and Brazil.

Daniel Sheehan - Smuggled Bomb Grade Plutonium Went to Israel.
Israel? Can't ever hold Israel accountable, EVER. In 4 minutes, Mossad, IRAN, CIA,
they're all in on it together.

This is an ongoing tribal thing. They have, and will still kill people. Just ask the white relatives of the entire family in LA that was violently murdered in 1982. The husband was an Israeli "businessman" who found himself on wrong side of the deal.

Re: Special Forces w/ Hazmat Suits in Downtown LA, Extracting Something From a Wells Fargo

Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2019 4:17 am
by Andy F
NAMBLA = North American Boy Love AssoCIAtion.
Spielberg and NAMBLA.jpg