It's Biblical - The New Holy War because of lies.

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It's Biblical - The New Holy War because of lies.

#1 Post by Andy F » Sat Apr 20, 2019 12:06 am

After Tel Aviv's Archaeologist Dr. Ze'ev Herzog's discoveries of the historicity of the Bible (means false stories), and the article by Herzog in HA'ARETZ in 1999 that was quickly scrubbed from the internet is when the REAL & Final Holy War began. That is why they needed 911 and THAT is why IRAQ was the first to be destroyed.
ISIL is a LIE and John McCain both supported and trained ISIL, and they're still there in IRAQ, either destroying archaeology or are shipping them out through the real Warehouse 13 aka the huge US Gov't building in Baghdad IRAQ.
Enlil & Marduk is the Annunaki and Baghdad is the Land of UR and the site of the Origins of Humanity aka ancient Mesopotamia and The Sumerians.
They HOPE you don't know all this information.
Yep, it's a 911 to coverup the biggest LIE of all and start the Holy War!!!

On one side are depictions of the great Babylonian gods Enlil and Marduk, and on the other, legal text written in cuneiform, the Babylonian alphabet.
Taylor said the object also carried "terrible curses" for anyone trying to claim the land or damage the tablet.

Good, I hope they're all cursed and blessed.

Bible Archaeology ... rport.aspx
March 21, 2019 -
A 3000-year-old inscribed cuneiform tablet was confiscated at Heathrow Airport by an astute Border Force officer who became suspicious when the declaration described a "carved stone for decoration" worth "300" in an unspecified currency. The officer searched the object on Google before contacting the British Museum, which confirmed that it was an authentic Babylonian kudurru, a document recording a gift from a king to one of his subjects, often used as a boundary stone. The tablet includes depictions of the Babylonian gods Enlil and Marduk one side and dates to the reign of the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar I (circa 1126-1103 BC). Little is known about this lesser known Nebuchadnezzar's reign; the more famous Nebuchadnezzar II (circa 605-562 BC) is the Babylonian king of the same name who is known in Scripture (ie. Jeremiah, Kings, Chronicles, Daniel, etc.). Officials believe the artifact was illegally looted during the Iraq War. The British Museum will be officially handing the kudurru over to the Iraqi government in an ceremony later this month.

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