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Re: What did you do to prepare today?

Posted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 1:26 am
by Andy F
Kink wrote:
Sun Mar 17, 2019 5:15 pm
Great ideas for the project andy, definitely for the future upgrades as I can only afford what I have on hand atm. Seed starter is pretty much finished just have some finishing touches to make. It's nice and sunny/warm today too so going to try taking advantage of that as well :)
Ha! I know the feeling. You do what you can. I'm still gathering for the Potato Bin, I ordered all the bolts etc, need to get the wood.

I had a few thoughts on that NZ shooting video getting "leaked" and the ... check your PM.

Re: What did you do to prepare today?

Posted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 5:11 pm
by Kink
Finished the electrical/hanging, etc stuff of the seed starter. Currently have it sitting with the 85w on, and 2x 26w CFL bulbs. As well as the fan is on. 137w Total should be more than sufficient to sprout and even take them past seedling stage.
Waiting to see how hot it gets in the garage with the fan so i can make adjustments if needed.

Lights under lid, inside tote:
Top of tote:
Exhaust Fan:
Intake Holes w/ mesh filters:
Inside tote w/ Hygrometer:

Re: What did you do to prepare today?

Posted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 7:52 pm
by Andy F
@Kink Very good! I'll send you a couple 12VDC Speed Control circuits. They work good.
You're correct, the shell casings disappeared into thin air and not a one hit the ground :lol: People are so fooled by the NZ "deal" but since I know the "elite" and many movie actors have bought property in NZ, probably want all guns banned for the coming years ahead with GSM.
Freaking hilarious that people can't see it.

I defined:
Totalitarian democracy,is a system of government in which lawfully elected representatives maintain the integrity of a nation state whose citizens, while granted the right to vote, have little or no participation in the decision-making process of the government.
Not that we have any control, when the most troubling totalitarian type of bills are introduced and then decisions are made during weekends and holidays :mrgreen: Remember "Jekyll Island"? LOL, no conspiracy there, I'll go take a nap :lol:

I'm still working on fans, finished up prototype, now the very last part of project is making 3 butterfly vents using triangle and circular geometry for the vent opening patterns (on paper) for marking the metals for cutting. I'd really like to find a local Plasma Cutter CNC person. Sure would be faster than hand cutting.

Brendon O'Connell put his channel back up. I'm listening while I work on vents.
Ice Age Prepper, I stopped by his channels. He is WOKE!

Re: What did you do to prepare today?

Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2019 4:39 pm
by Andy F
Does the past political history give us any clues?
Does hidden history still repeat even if people don't know real history?

Today, I heard new heights of ignorance, new heights of arrogance, anger and negativity on where people are able to be in prepping.

Prep, and all you can do is what you can do,
and carry on!

Re: What did you do to prepare today?

Posted: Fri Mar 22, 2019 3:59 pm
by Andy F
solliloquoy :mrgreen:

Yes, I prepped. Did a lot today and I'm tired. Sleeeeepy now.
I been in Marxist library too, & been looking for Crusader Rabbit, from the mid 1950s.
Laughing at stoopid :lol:

Carry ON!

Re: What did you do to prepare today?

Posted: Sun Mar 24, 2019 2:08 pm
by Andy F
Sun Day. That gold halo around Iseous (Jesus) head is the Sun.
Bought 100,000 beans, 200 million rice. Seal A Meal & using mylar bags & iron.
Scroll saw, drilled holes, 3 large butterfly vents. 10mm x 8mm Compression springs, lock nuts!!! Gahhhhhhhhhhh Blahbalah I'll be happy to finish up the vent project.
Sit down time, ToDo List, Buy list.
Still :lol: @ stoopid.
Carry on!

Re: What did you do to prepare today?

Posted: Mon Mar 25, 2019 12:49 pm
by Andy F
Yes I'm prepping, gathering, dehydrating, wiring, soldering, reading. All that and more.
Hey, Ammo is on sale! :lol: They do plan on increasing the tax on Ammo very soon.
Watch, the NZ gun buyback, then the new laws relax. Then people will re-buy again.
Das ist July Capitalism!

One thing no one is connecting in Farm Labor Unions is GSM. I did a quick perusal through all their FLOC headlines, not even a mention there or anywhere in their other links.
Today's (world) Farm Labor Unions are modeled after Rosa Luxemburg, who was instrumental in Russian Revolution, and was killed along with Lenin.
Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, is the main organizers. AFL & the CIO were tribal organized in USA back in the day. They were violent.

Anyhow, there's a huge difference between violent organized crimes of trafficking and migrant farm workers. One violent + the planned Reconquistas of SW states, the other are good people just wanting to work & survive. I had a talk with a neighbor who is from Mexico, they're fully aware of GSM and has a large extended family operating a fully functioning coop farm(s) in Mexico already. He confirmed the caravans are not from Mexico. I am not so sure how this is going to play out (other than violence) in the coming years of GSM after they all find out about GSM. With the farm crop losses of late, and those in fall's all a convoluted mess......ewwww!

Farm Labor Organizing Committee, AFL-CIO
Called upon to challenge the deplorable conditions of the broader workforce that remains voiceless, powerless, and invisible to mainstream America

Re: What did you do to prepare today?

Posted: Tue Mar 26, 2019 2:40 pm
by Andy F
I am still laughing at he who is so smart but is really stoopid :lol: I'm not sorry either.
At least someone has the sense to show people what the real threats are and WHO IS behind it all.
This is all to plan, "elites" know about GSM. That much I've figured out. You will know them by their works and deeds
only if you know where to look and the validity of evidences.
"When Do We Leave?" is the clue. And, knowing nothing happens by chance in the big scheme of all things political.

On a good note, the last few needed items for the vents were delivered Monday. Now to put together.
The new bags of Pinto Beans are good. They didn't split apart all funny-like.
I'll still cook up the ones that split, they look funny but they still taste good.

One time in the 80s, I'd been away for a week long trip. A couple hours after I left, a few people broke into my home, ate my food, read my books and stole a few, took showers. They stayed there for 6 days & slept in my own bed for 6 nights and left about 4 hours before I returned home. Neighbors thought I'd given them keys. I did NOT.
It left a negative energy in my home. I never found out who the guests were.

Re: What did you do to prepare today?

Posted: Thu Mar 28, 2019 12:39 am
by Andy F
Got this a year or so ago. I grew up using an old wringer washer.

Silence, like a cancer grows.
Political Correctness is the #1 Cancer on the world.
Political Correct is a primary step to bring in Communism.
Silence is the intended product of Political Correctness.

How silent are you?

Update: Silence is giving 100% Consent.

IDK. Well, I just left the Library, took off that hat and put on my Prepper Hat. Chores to do before Saturday.
Peanut Butter to seal in 4 & 8 oz packets.
Still trudging along working on Dremel of butterfly vents; 5 down and 1 to go, and my ELectrical Gods are smiling.
Listening to LOUD music while finishing Dremel work.
The silence can be deafening.

Re: What did you do to prepare today?

Posted: Fri Mar 29, 2019 4:09 pm
by Kink
Still cleaning up twigs/pine, etc everywhere throughout the yard. Noticed some broken branches in the hemlocks that I gotta get out before getting another windy day. Spotted the fungus has progressed rapidly on many trees near the property, in just a matter of weeks the stalk of the trees are turning a lightish green that can be seen from hundreds of feet away. My hemlocks in particular are two-faced, one side slightly normal, the other completely infected. Not much I can do about this unfortunately. Am watching the biggest hemlock facing the house start to bend though and it's probably just a matter of time before it comes crashing into the padio :lol:. Trees are going to get their revenge on me one way or another

Have a deadfall cherry to cut up and split along with 3/4ths of one that was suspended that i couldn't reach that must have fell recently that I'm going to work on today before even more rain comes this weekend. Also have to fix the wood cribs as a lot of the longer logs are getting their ends wet, just going to do 2 stakes on the left/right on each side.

Had a job offer that I'm really praying comes through as it would seriously help beyond words right now