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Re: GSM Dreams

Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2018 2:23 am
by Andy F
Thank you for finding that. Early agrarian and somewhat tribal societies. I think they were better than today's commercial interests, takes away from self-independence. That happened in the advent of small steps, small corner neighborhood stores, large grocery stores, and now BIG BOX stores that can control a bit too much, actually all of market.

Not meaning to steal your thunder for such a good find :D but I go after the PDF files, so we can download, if you want to save your linked paper as a PDF on hard drive, go here ... 212149.pdf

Re: GSM Dreams

Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 2:09 am
by Elew
Last night I was in the space between the earth and sun, gathering cosmic ray worms.

They were like glowing gummy worms in shape, glowing a blueish light, sometimes with little bits of green light. They had some substance, but they were not solid like gummy worms. I had to scoop them up without really grabbing them, and then I was putting them in a basket to bring back. I don't know why, but we needed them.

As I was gathering the ray worms I saw a huge solar flare, it was flowing and curling, like a dance...but then when I was back everyone was surprised about it. I guess they could all see it.

Re: GSM Dreams

Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 2:37 am
by Andy F
Well that was a fun dream! Glowing gummy worms. How the dreams occur has always been a source of wonderment.
The other morning 4am I woke up from a humdinger of a dream. As I had my morning cup, I was thinking back over dream. A lot happened, fun & exciting things and I could not wait to tell Elew.
Hours later, I sat down at PC and could not remember a danged thing about dream. Except that it was really fun.

Funny how that works, you forget dreams later, unless you write them down. Stephen King, the author, keeps notepad at his bedside and writes them all down. Read a King thriller, you're now deep inside his head :lol:
After forgetting my dream,I put a notepad by my bed.

Re: GSM Dreams

Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 2:45 am
by Elew
So just for kicks I looked up "gathering cosmic rays, and found this...

Join the hunt for cosmic rays
By downloading a simple app, you can turn your smartphone into a detector that will help astrophysicists solve one of the biggest mysteries in astronomy – the origins of cosmic rays.
By Jake Parks | Published: Friday, February 9, 2018 ... osmic-rays

So then I looked up cosmic ray worms, in google images...and this came up ... bservatory

They are not like what I saw, wrong colours, and apparently these are from muons, not cosmic ray worms...but still neat that people are actually trying to gather them.

Re: GSM Dreams

Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 2:47 am
by Elew
haha, Andy, they can be so elusive...but yeah, this was a fun dream :)

Dream recall is why I started making journals...I burn through so many that I had to start making my own, and they were fun to make!

Re: GSM Dreams

Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 12:28 pm
by Andy F
Wow on gathering cosmic rays. I'll head over and read it now. Thank you!
I had a few new Composition books from wallyworld, 50cents each. I'm using one at bedside.
No dreams last night, slept good though.

Re: GSM Dreams

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 6:21 am
by Elew
So I am watching and listening to all the talk about a mironova, or huge solar eruptions, or whatever it turns out to be...wondering when they will find that gathering cosmic ray worms is what will protect us all when it happens. ;)

Re: GSM Dreams

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 8:34 am
by Elew
That rabbit hole brought me through

nuclear hardened satellites, ... eeting.pdf

PERIOD OF 1996-2013

cosmic rays and negative ions ... _eqns.html

Observation of the Negative
Muonium Ion in Vacuum
Yunan Kuang*

Ultracold Muonium Negative Ion Production

But what I really want to when a muon hits a basil plant, does the basil produce Negative
Muonium Ions?
Because the Ayurvedic uses for the 'holy basil plant' came out of the Homeric Minimum, before 800 BC. Ayurveda didn't really take off until after 600 BC, but the basis came from much earlier.

In case anyone is interested... ORIGIN AND DEVELOPMENT OF AYURVEDA
V. Narayanaswamy
Former Professor,
College of Indian Medicine, Madras – India ... SL-1-1.pdf

Re: GSM Dreams

Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2019 9:14 am
by Elew
I found it...or at least part of it. Not muon related exactly, but I have a feeling cosmic rays in the Homeric Minimum are why Ocimum sanctum became Holy Basil.

Holy basil's protective action is due, in part, to its free radical scavenging effect. This also reduces oxidative cellular and chromosomal damage from radiation.6 These actions ultimately help reduce end-organ damage and improve post-radiation recovery. Limited clinical studies have shown promise with being able to deliver higher doses of therapeutic radiation in patients taking holy basil without increasing the unwanted side effects of the radiation.6 The protective mechanisms are thought to be due to the increase in antioxidant activity, alteration in gene expression, induction of apoptosis, and the inhibition of angiogenesis and metastasis.7 A substantial part of this protective action is due to enhancement of the liver enzyme systems that detoxify and cleanse the bloodstream of damaging substances. ... le/635019/


It's a radioactive world

Radioactivity is a natural part of our environment and everyone is continually exposed to ionizing radiation from a vast array of natural sources such as the sun and radioactive elements within the earth. However, since Henri Becquerel and Madame Curie first described radioactivity at the turn of last century, humans have continued to concentrate natural radiation sources and use them for medical diagnosis and therapy, food preservation, power generation and the production of nuclear weapons.

Concentrated sources of ionizing radiation are relatively new on earth, yet all living systems have had to deal with low levels of radiation. Thus, many plants contain a range of protective phytochemicals and this protection may be conferred to animals that eat them. Perhaps the most potent plants in this regard are the 'adaptogens' such as tulsi (Ocimum sanctum or holy basil), which confer protection against a wide range of environmental stressors. Tulsi has been celebrated within Ayurveda for generations as an 'elixir of life', yet it seems likely that the use of tusi and other adaptogenic herbs will become even more important as the extent of global toxicity becomes apparent.

Tulsi – general adaptogen and radio-protector
Of the plants with radio-protective properties, tulsi is the most studied. Considered the most potent adaptogen within Ayurvedic medicine, tulsi is revered within India as being without equal for its medicinal and spiritual properties. Tulsi is also known to have potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity and is recommended to be taken regularly to help the body adapt to a variety of stressors.

Various laboratory and animal studies have found that tulsi's radio-protective effects include reducing the oxidative and chromosomal damage induced by gamma radiation and radioactive iodine [3-10]. This has led to research to develop radio-protective medicines from tulsi and phase II human trials are currently underway at the Defense Research and Development Organization in India [11].

The radio-protective effects of tulsi are, at least partly, attributed to its content of the water-soluble flavonoids, orientin and vicenin. Low doses of these flavonoids have been shown to protect against radiation-induced cellular damage in animal and human cells through increased anti-oxidant enzymes activity and free radical scavenging and reduced lipid peroxidation [4, 12-16].

The finding that water-based tulsi extracts enhance survival of mice exposed to whole-body gamma radiation and are more radio-protective than alcoholic extracts [17], suggests that the radio-protective properties of tulsi are available when tulsi is taken as a tea. Regular consumption of tulsi tea may therefore increase resistance to the harmful effects of ionizing radiation, in addition to being recommended as a good strategy to promote longevity and enhance physical and mental health. ... tion-tulsi

Re: GSM Dreams

Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2019 9:18 am
by Elew
I wonder what would happen if one had the cosmic ray gathering app on their phone, and then laid a basil leaf on the screen.