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Re: GSM Dreams

Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2019 3:55 pm
by Andy F
Elew, I tried to research it yesterday. You found way more than I did, thank you.

A recurring dream I'd had many years ago. I found it in my book files after getting the Trump & Woody document.
I was living in a lake side town, Lake Isabella CA. I would drive all over town in a very old car, maybe a 1910 antique model, it was a noisy old rattle trap. It had dusty & oxidized black & faded paint job with white lettering on the doors, it had a hand crank starter on the front over the radiator. When I'd pull up to a stop sign or light, the motor acted like it was going to die, but it never did. Everyone enjoyed looking at the car and a few wanted to drive it and I let them.

It was a fun dream but I never figured out why it was a recurring dream, unless the old rattle trap was me :mrgreen:
In my years of analyses of dream, the stop signs & lights were life events that I lived through successfully and then moved on for another chapter in life. Letting them drive it was my letting them into my life to become a good friend. I was never able to read what the white letters said, leaving it to be a mystery.

Re: GSM Dreams

Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2019 8:30 pm
by Elew
Very cool dream you have seen, I tend to go into dreaming in a very literal way, and sometimes precognitive.
For me, recurring dreams are extremely literal and usually happen physically almost exactly as the dream did, after the dream stops. It's unnerving when I have them.

But yours seems so much more innocent, like a little personal message, which is very cool to me. Me being me though, with my style of first thoughts go to the time period...repeating...and things not quite falling apart, so getting through whatever comes back around. So I would look more literally at 1910, and watch for what in that cycle could be repeating.

I know dreams are multi layered, and while one can be literal, there are also the psychological meanings, the symbolism and sooo much more. It is fun to look from many directions. My friend Art Funkhouser is a Jungian Psychologist, and top in world research on precognition and deja experiences. He has a fascinating way of looking in on dreaming too, it is a very gentle approach, vs my head on interactive ways. When I was involved in the dreaming communities, I would piss off Robert Waggoner with my dreaming style, because he couldn't wrap his head around it...and many others disliked me there for the same reason...but such is life. I met a few really awesome people too.

Have you read Lavender, by Judy B Gardener? She is fun to dream with, and her book is very good. She was Monte Ullman's wife...and he had such an amazing way of looking into dreams. I really liked his style. Ove (a dreaming friend) used to work with him, and so introduced me.

It can be like another whole world.

Re: GSM Dreams

Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2019 12:34 am
by Andy F
Interesting Elew. In that era, was Russian history in the early days of political shenanigans before the October Surprise and the later February Revolution.
A particular history I've always been interested in and do ongoing studies.

I will check out some of your recommendations, they also sound interesting. Enquiring minds want to know...I've taken notes & names.
Here's the JUNG page from PDF eBooks at archive ... English%22