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GSM Dreams

Posted: Sun Aug 19, 2018 2:40 am
by Elew
I thought this might be fun...I dream alot :) Feel free to add your GSM dreams too if you would like.

Re: GSM Dreams

Posted: Sun Aug 19, 2018 3:04 am
by Elew
The Hidden Room

I was standing in the yard two doors down from where I was born, but the area was more like a collage, with various places all around.

A guy came out of a field where the police station should be, carrying a huge armload of corn, He walked over as if we were supposed to meet there, but I was not sure why at first? So I just reached out to help with the corn, and as soon as I touched it things became clearer.

I was bringing people to the hidden room in the neighbors basement. It connected three buildings with tunnels from the underground railroad...but instead of going in through the basement, we headed up to the attic .

The chalky light green peeling paint was the same, and the narrow turning stairs with linoleum and those metal ridged things on the edges...then the attic steps were the same but just old wood. It even smelled the same, But going into the attic, there was a hallway/tunnel space we had to go through which went into the basement room.

We were whispering because that was what we did in the tunnels, and the guy was asking me how we would cook the corn and food, was there a stove pipe or something?

My dream shifted at that point to something completely different, but though brief, it was the first GSM dream I have had.

The tunnels really physically existed in those buildings...we all used them as bomb shelters in the early 70s, so there were shelves and shelves of food, tools, blankets, etc...

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Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2018 10:15 am
by Elew
I had an interesting conversation with Dr. Kristen LaMarca, who is doing some research on lucid dreaming, using galantamine in a study on enhanced lucid dreaming ... ne.0201246

I mentioned that I prefer the age old method of watching oneself move into sleep, that it was drug free yet effective...and she noticed that I seemed a bit anti-supplement. She said it was a natural over the counter product. I responded with this...
"Narcissus pseudonarcissus is toxic to humans, though it is used medicinally in some cases. The bulbs, leaves and flowers are astringent and powerfully emetic. The bulb, especially, is narcotic and depresses the nervous system. The flowers are the least toxic and due to their antispasmodic actions, are used in bronchial catarrh.
However, all parts of the plant are poisonous, the toxins being found mainly in the bulb, but even the flowers are mildly toxic. If you apply the bulb extract to a wound, the entire area can become numb...and too much can cause paralysis of the heart. (I know you are not giving such high doses)

Nicotine is also highly effective in inducing lucid dreaming. It is not a narcotic, but it does intensify the activity of dopamine by stimulating the .nicotinic acetylcholine receptors..and is addictive like a narcotic can be. It does stimulate the brain, and at the same time, calms the nervous system. Many people who take Champix or Varenicline experience lucid dreaming, sometimes extreme dreaming experiences...but they also bind to the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors.
Alchohol also enhances and reduces actions of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors.

I do understand that research is how we find the answers...
What I would ask, more than which new drug will induce LD, or help Alzheimer' what is missing, or what foreign molecule is preventing the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors from functioning in a balanced way, or decreasing them in the brain, to begin with. Such as Fluoride. And what happens when we remove them from our body, and stop ingesting them? Phthalates also suppress the calcium signaling of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors...

Did you know, properly functioning, active nicotinic acetylcholine receptors reduce the cravings for sugar, because the Need for dopamine increase is no longer there.

It seems, that active lucid dreaming is (or should be) natural for humans, but is inhibited by what we ingest or absorb..."
But now I also wonder what effect cosmic rays might have on our nicotinic acetylcholine receptors. It is well documented that people have more psychic events in solar minimums, and I personally know I experience much more intense dreaming, precognition, deja experiences, etc...

It could be the magnetosphere too, because it would have an effect on electric impulses in the brain, which could alter the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, or clear them...

or maybe something dropping molecules that fit these receptors...

Interesting to ponder

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Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2018 5:18 pm
by Andy F
@Elew That is interesting topic, Lucid Dreaming and drugs. I'd read that about nicotine, it can increase dreaming. I'm like you, preferring natural falling asleep. Native American Indians had a habit of smoking various plants, calling them a Gift from the Great Spirit and used for rituals/ceremonies or to seal agreements.
On fluoride, a few years ago, I wrote a paper on Psychological Effects of Fluoride in water after studying well researched Dr. Schatz here... That is why I'm steadfast on being anti-fluoride, despite the Gov't & ADAs stance on it. If USA stopped putting fluoride in water, Florida's Aluminum industry & Phosphate Fertilizer industry would have to find a way and pay to dispose of their factory wastes, rather than put it in our water.

I raised Parrots for a number of years, and one lived outside in my trees. I recently told a few of those parrot stories. Days later, I dreamed I was flying with my 2 parrots, watching the trees and land below. I flew down, landed on the T clothesline steel pole and my feet wrapped around the pole. I perched. Then I flew to a far away place. That was all I can remember.
A quick analyses, I might be trying to escape?

Re: GSM Dreams

Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2018 10:04 pm
by Elew
Thank Andy :) That is a great paper. I had never read it, and am most of the way through it (not alot of time here). I will get back to you more on it once I finish reading and digesting it!

I really like your dream...I wonder what bird you were...and it makes me wonder what your daysign is. Once I can find it, I will share the dream I had. It wasn't a pleasant dream, but was pretty amazing.

Re: GSM Dreams

Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2018 11:16 pm
by Andy F
Elew wrote:
Fri Oct 26, 2018 10:04 pm
Thank Andy :) That is a great paper. I had never read it, and am most of the way through it (not alot of time here). I will get back to you more on it once I finish reading and digesting it!

I really like your dream...I wonder what bird you were...and it makes me wonder what your daysign is. Once I can find it, I will share the dream I had. It wasn't a pleasant dream, but was pretty amazing.
Thank you Elew. Yes, Dr. Schatz is the very best on Fluoride I'd ever found, with valid & sound research to back it up as facts, he says what no other officials would ever say. I would copy it, it may not be there forever. Make sure your copy gives him credit & his home page link.

I was a regular sized Mexican Double Yellowheaded Amazon parrot while flying. When I perched, I had my human feet, that was what made perching funny. I think it was my most fun dream ever :lol: I have a few other good dreams put down in writing.

In Mayan Sign, I'm an lx/Jaguar. Now, you'll figure out why I'm the way I am, and born on Prime number day/year.
What is your daysign? I rarely find anyone who knows the Mayan lore. That is a Compliment!

Re: GSM Dreams

Posted: Sat Oct 27, 2018 3:20 am
by Elew
I'm 13 Jaguar, and Nyai is 7 Jaguar ...interesting that we all are ...

So this dream was back in 2006,
I had this strangest dream,

There were animals all around, and then they were gone.

It was not in a 'place', but in another sort of place which was a glow. It was all red, with orange. Not bright red, but from the sun red, but muted, and the deeper the colour it became 'solid'. It could have been a cave made of light from the feel of it.

There was this guy, at a pulpit that was an alter? It was a power thing, the whole control, surrender thing. It felt like a prop making himself feel he was____, important, or in control, or whatever the air around him was.

I could feel him trying to reach in me energetically, but I did not want him to, so I let myself fade away and go quiet. When I did this, it got strange. It was like this darkness, like a film that came around me, like looking through sunglasses.
The way the guy was, he did not seem to notice it at all...he just had that energy, like cat and mouse. He was trying to get me to feel fear and anger, but the feeling was more that I had plain had enough.

The more he was mocking, in that way? The more I felt that, and then this feeling came in me, it came from behind my heart, in my back, and moved through to the front of me...and while that happened there was something moving around me, and I saw the film change into a jaguar. But I was in the middle of it.

The guy saw the jaguar, because his face showed fear...and he acted different. But then he just started saying that he was not afraid, and would not leave.

I could feel this pull in me, and this jaguar looking back at me inside, like 'let me go'...but it was inside in some was like melting into it and letting go.
And then it was acting like a cat. The walking, and it just sort of batted the guy off to the side. Just like a cat would...but did not hurt him...and then it was walking back and forth.

But the guy just began laughing and said that it wouldn't even kill him, and he dared it.

And I am just in there thinking that I really don't want to feel this again... because I can feel it all, sort of from a 360 degree distance, inside and around....And then it did kill the guy. I could feel just jumped on him, and the guy fell and it bit his was really gross. The bones just broke in his skull and it was bloody. And he was just laying there dead.
So not quite a fun experience, but still amazing...

Re: GSM Dreams

Posted: Sat Nov 17, 2018 8:14 pm
by Elew
I was working in this big building last night, like a research center. Everything was white, and brightly lit. I think it was my first day because the place was new to me.

There was one room, like a community space. When you walk in the the right there are large drawers like slide out big cubbies. Apparently we each had one.
I was putting together a folder with some things from my cubby, and then as I walked along down this wall, I saw that there were more and more where people had installed grow lights and they all had salad stuff and veggies growing in them, which I thought was very cool.

The first one had moss, with little plants, like a tiny old growth forest...then as I got further down they sort of evolved into more edible food...

I was headed to the end of the wall where it opened into a larger room, because there was a coffee shop there just around the corner. As I reached it a lady who worked there was coming out, and after we said hello, I commented on how neat it was that people were growing things, so they could just pick some salad for lunch...and she was telling me that it was great, because they grew extra so the coffee shop could use some in their lunches too.
When I mentioned that I wanted to look at how they set the cubbies up so I could grow food too, she was like, "oh, just talk to management, the cubbies are modular, and they will let you choose which style you want".

When I went back by my cubby there was a guy sitting there nearby, and he said it was the Holocene Grow Light system, which is why everything was so green.

Then I woke here, and of course went and searched for Holocene grow light system, because I had never heard of something like that...and sure enough I found this ... 031300441X

so now I have to do some research into that...

Re: GSM Dreams

Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2018 1:30 am
by Andy F
If that was a dream, I'd say you'd tapped into Collective Consciousness, which is a really good thing!
:lol: It is very real thing too. How do I know?

Re: GSM Dreams

Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2018 2:02 am
by Elew
Yeah, I have that happen alot too...sometimes the details are creepy real, like remote view dreaming, but it usually shows me something I need to learn. I might need to ask Diamomd about this one though, because I don't speak science.

I found this too, which is interesting because I understand it a bit more... Coevolution of farming and private property during the early Holocene