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Hi! from trapper Chuck of northern Michigan

Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2019 11:27 am
by trapper chuck
i would just like to say hi! . I'm an old timer and not very good on the computer. in fact I don't even own A cell phone. But I just really like seeing that there are some people out there at least trying to live on to the future. Young people have alot going for them but have lost touch with the past. I would be glad to pass on any of my hands on experience of farming, cows, chickens,rabbits, goats, pigs, geese, ducks Quail,Mink, Fox, Coyote, bobcat, Vegetables outdoors and inside. trapping, snaring ,hunting, tracking, fishing and just plain making do with what you have when you don't have alot of money. I have lived through far far worst winters than these. I've seen 9 feet thick ice on the lakes, months that have never gotten above 0 F day or night, and drifts of snow 20 feet deep, with the county V plows stuck inside them trying to ram themselves through them. I've been on snowshoes bobcat hunting in the swamps looking down at elk above there bellies in the snow. just to name A few. Trapper Chuck.

Re: Hi! from trapper Chuck of northern Michigan

Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2019 7:19 am
by iceagefarmer
Welcome trapper Chuck!

That's some extensive experience you have! If you were to recommend to one of those "Young people" how they get started, what would you say ?

Re: Hi! from trapper Chuck of northern Michigan

Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 11:46 am
by trapper chuck
Hi Trapper chuck here. Well lets start with clothing! Nothing beats Wool and fur. If you are doing heavy work in the real cold wool is the best thing out there. It is light enough to be able to move in, A wool sweater will not restrict your movement of your arms and walking and bending wool coats are too heavy . You can travel through thick swamps working your way through snow covered low hanging snow covered branches. with the snow falling down your neck and on your back getting you all wet. as long as your moving or stop for short times you will be quite warm even though you are wet. For this type of work fur is too heavy, and down is too balky. If your not doing alot of walking or working fur is your best choice. Fur keeps you hot!!! your body heat doesn't leave. its like being wrapped in 16"s of fiberglass insulation. it can be 40 below and enough wind to blow over a semi trailer and you will feel toasty. Like A bug in A rug. Down makes A good blanket but the nylon skin tears or can get ripped to easy. and also is balky. also makes alot of noise if you are trying to hunt. boots need to be water proofed and a extractable wool liner.wool or fur mittens. How is this for starters. Thank-You!