Hello from Canada, eh!

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Hello from Canada, eh!

#1 Post by cdahl77 » Tue Feb 12, 2019 6:48 pm

Hello from Eastern Ontario, Canada! My name is Carolyn and I'm really glad to have found this place.

I'm part Croatian and part Scottish. 10 + years ago the thought of living on a farm seemed like torture. Now, living in the crowded suburbs is torture.

I only started gardening last year though I have grown a few things in some pots now and then. Experience is a wonderful teacher. I learn most from just getting out there and trying things vs only reading about it in a book.

I am completely fascinated by the whole discussion taking place regarding the grand solar minimum. I only learned about this recently and purely by accident from a comment someone made on a channel I follow recommending Ice Age Farmer so I checked it out and I'm so very glad that I did! Things make sense to me and I can see through the lies in mainstream media much more easily.

My background is politics. Yep, 10 years ago I was on the fast track to being somebody. Lunching here, networking here. I've had the privilege of working with folks way up on the food chain so to speak. I was a nobody when I started out and next thing I knew I was president of this and that, I was being groomed to run in provincial elections back in my old province of Manitoba. I've eaten with the former Prime Minister (not Trudeau) at his residence on Sussex Drive at his annual BBQ year after year, I worked with members of his inner cabinet, and now 10 years later I'm grateful for the memories but count is all as "rubbish." I just left it all and wandered willingly into the wilderness. This is where it's real and people are real and their cares are real. One day if God so chooses I will go back into politics and try to change how things are done in my country but for now my priority is my family and preparing for hard times ahead.

I feel like I don't have enough time and too much to learn... but that's life isn't it?

"Why such a hurry to get the pumpkins in?" Ma asked. "I feel in a hurry. As if there was a need to hurry," Pa tried to explain (The Long Winter- Laura Ingalls Wilder).

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Re: Hello from Canada, eh!

#2 Post by TruthToPowerBear » Wed Feb 13, 2019 2:07 am

Hi Carolyn! I'm in Northumberland County!

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Re: Hello from Canada, eh!

#3 Post by Der Ritter » Wed Mar 20, 2019 7:46 pm


I am from Brazil. I would like to learn more about harvesting in the Canadian winter.
I live with the dilemma whether I should stay in South of Brazil or move to Canada to work in the mining sector, which is my passion.

If possible, I would like to know your opinion. Thanks a lot.

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Re: Hello from Canada, eh!

#4 Post by Farside » Mon Mar 25, 2019 3:39 pm

I live in the mining region. We have snow permanently on the ground for about 6 months of the year. Needless to say there is no harvesting going on at that time.

The ground is frozen down to 4 ft below the surface here and so there is very little digging going on too.

Summer here is short (90 frost free days), very hot, and the forest swarms with mosquitos which drive the deer out onto the highways because of their incessant biting. These are not Brazilian mozzies either. They are huge black things that will suck your blood through your jeans. I've actually been sitting in a deck chair and had them bite me on the ass through the chair and through my jeans.

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Re: Hello from Canada, eh!

#5 Post by Dawns » Sun Mar 31, 2019 3:06 am

Hi all :)

I live in North Idaho. Doing my best to REALLY get ready for what's coming. Shopping for a farm but needing my investments to get moving.. farms in our area are hard to come by with the acreage I want. In the meantime, I've challenged myself to see how much food I can grow on our current property this year. I've got hundreds and hundreds of seedlings started. Got out and worked a bit today on the garden area sprucing it up. Going to try to double it by using the "caveman" method with the straw/hay as I don't have time to do the full back to eden on that side at this point.

Focusing on storing more dry goods as well.

I've been lurking/reading the forum for a few weeks now. Hopefully I can contribute something worthy :)


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Re: Hello from Canada, eh!

#6 Post by Der Ritter » Mon Apr 01, 2019 1:04 pm

Well... You can order some citronela-incense and that will push mosquitos away. Or citronela oil.
It works quite well...

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Re: Hello from Canada, eh!

#7 Post by K47strings » Mon Apr 01, 2019 8:40 pm

Hi, Kay here in Ma.,U.S. of A. Am dehydrating my last pumpkin today....before it began to go bad. They make good crackers and the broken chips can be powdered and added to stews and breads.
I was listening to a podcast from the Heartland Institute, several actually, and one scientist mentioned that some CO2 had been taken from the air by members of the government and put into the ground. Really? I hope it was put in canisters first. Greenhouses buy CO2 to help the plants grow larger and faster.
I am 70 and have been gardening for 40 plus years. I moved 3+ years ago and the soil here is so rocky and sandy I am starting at square one again. Thank goodness for the compost from farms around here. I am literally making garden soil as I fork compost and leaf mold into gravel ......after removing large rocks.
Raised five children, goats, ducks, geese, Guinea fowl, chickens and the usual assortment of cats, dogs and rabbits. Am a spinner of most any fiber, play harp, and my hobby is history which is why when I heard it was cooling I checked back to the last mini ice age and counted. Yep, we are due. Let us all make sure our roofs can take the weight of possible heavy snow and rain. Those poor farmers in Wisconsin injured and cows killed from roof collapses. Our local dairy farmer was asking us to pray for them on his blog. Farmers and people too close to rivers might consider a potential place of safety to prepare for themselves and their animals. Know anyone with some extra barn space? Perhaps someone who has room for a large shed you could build and rent for the livestock? My husband grew up on a farm with angus cattle and the pictures of the drowned cows in Nebraska saddened me so. What an awful way for them to die .....and what a terrible waste.

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Re: Hello from Canada, eh!

#8 Post by MarkG » Sun Apr 07, 2019 5:53 am

Another one from Canada, but out West this time. I'm not entirely convinced we're heading into a Grand Solar Minimum, but I've been expecting something like it since the solar activity began to fall a few years ago, so I'm becoming more convinced every year that the weather grows worse.

Either way, I am convinced that 'Global Warming' is garbage (I have a degree in physics from one of the top universities in the world, and would have been laughed at if I'd presented such nonsense for a degree project), and that cities are not going to be a good place to live in the near future. Nor will anyone be able to rely on anyone else to keep them alive.

Even if we don't get this kind of awful weather for years to come, the sheer incompetence and insanity of the SJWs is going to wreck our society and make big cities unsupportable. So either way I want to find some land in Alberta--we have relatives there and I'd like to be there before they secede--and build a largely self-sufficient lifestyle that can survive the kind of weather we're expecting.

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Re: Hello from Canada, eh!

#9 Post by Canuck_Prepper » Mon Jun 17, 2019 3:12 pm

Greetings from the bush south of North Bay Ontario.

We are Christian homesteaders/Insteaders, homeschoolers and see storm clouds on the horizon

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