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Hello from Western Ohio

Posted: Sun May 12, 2019 3:03 pm
by Charlie34
I'm Charlie. Located in Western Ohio. Lived here for 14 years. Before that, 16 years in Minnesota. Before that, 4 years in the Army. And before that, raised on the East Coast. (NY/NJ, Philadelphia, 12 years in the St. Petersburg/Tampa area).

My wife and I seem to have brown thumbs. But my biggest enemy is the dreaded squirrel. Everything I have ever planted became nutrition for squirrels. So I'm building a small greenhouse this year.

In the meantime, I'm filling my basement with canned goods and other dry food stuffs. Anybody have a good recipe for squirrel stew?

Re: Hello from Western Ohio

Posted: Tue May 28, 2019 5:25 am
by dirtmurphy
I like my squirrel with gravy :D

Re: Hello from Western Ohio

Posted: Tue May 28, 2019 7:00 pm
by Andy F
Squirrels sure are cute, until they're not.

A family of a dozen or so Squirrels once made a home in my attic, had gotten in via the main power cable, my neighbor said she had seen their entry/exits.
Tap tap tap tap nonstop, every morning about 4am like an army marching up on my ceiling. A month later, I used ladder and shined a light.
They were scratching and their little elbows were hitting the drywall ceiling with each scratch.
Took me about 3 months to get rid of them. Then I sealed up the little hole around power cable.