Seed Germination-Gibberellic Acid

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Seed Germination-Gibberellic Acid

#1 Post by backpaddock » Wed May 01, 2019 5:28 am

I was just looking at the list of how long seeds remain viable and thought I would share something I have used for a while. Gibberellic Acid is very useful to improve germination of seeds. I first heard about it being used to grow heirloom seeds that were found on a old deserted homestead in the US. It works well on difficult to germinate seeds as well as older seeds with reduced viability. I've used it on batches of old seeds alongside the same seeds without treatment and got up 100% increases in germination and faster germination. It's used for various uses at later stages of fruiting on citrus and grapes so it can be found at farm supply places. If you buy it concentrated you need to dilute it but there is heaps of information about in on the net.

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Re: Seed Germination-Gibberellic Acid

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