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UK Self defence

Posted: Wed Aug 08, 2018 4:38 pm
by millievanilla88
Hi all,
Fellow UK dwellers, how are you planning to keep yourself safe should civil unrest happen during say a Emp event.

Personally I will try to avoid violance as much as possible, but would be willing to fight for my and my familys life. Hunting and foraging at night or during dawn to try avoid people. We have air guns and knives that would be used for hunting and possibly as a deterant to anyone trying to come steal our food or hurt us..
I am lucky to work in Mental health so have yearly restraint training that also teaches us breakaway techniques. I feel everyone should learn breakaway techniques,male or female. Starting in secondary school it would be advantageous. Knowing how to get out of someone strangling you against a wall etc is possibly the difference between life and death.

Re: UK Self defence

Posted: Thu Aug 09, 2018 6:50 pm
by DjMcWho?
Agreed, avoiding violence as much as possible is first and foremost. Yo! I doubt anyone of us can do this alone, especially with kids and a family. We are going to need a whole army, a village, a tribe. If it comes down to protecting that against civil unrest yes it is time to take another life, but oh man...praying that never ever has to happen. God bless the UK!


Re: UK Self defence

Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2018 12:14 pm
by BrettS
millievanilla88 go to a major city to identify the people you need to avoid. Sit at a major road traffic hotspot for a couple of hours and watch the reactions of drivers, the selfish aggressive ones will stand out. How do airguns leave you with the law even if you have them licensed can you walk around with one ?

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Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2018 8:21 pm
by Gekko
UK resident here. Its a good thing that guns are not in every home here. But it does put us at a disadvantage if some gang turns up with guns.
I hear the no violence but... I am getting very violently prepared. I believe I need plans and more back up plans.
If we have a grid down situation with no food you can be sure the city people and gangs will eventually come to pillage.
Nobody is going to take from us or hurt my family, the only way to be sure is preparing OTT and working with the local community.

I can't talk about most of my plans but one of the most important parts is a load of air horns.
We can buy pump style air horns for about 10 quid each now and hand them out to our neighbors if the grid goes down.
If someone has a problem they set off the horn so the rest of the village comes to help.

We live in a world of duality. Love and Wisdom
If your have Wisdom and no Love you are evil
If you have Love and no Wisdom you are someones fool
We need Balance between Love and Wisdom

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Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2019 1:53 pm
by carefix
The big problem for serious self defence in the UK is that hand guns are illegal and you need to show good reason for owning rifles and shot guns.

However, should the food supply systems go down we can expect a break down in normality. The first kind of people on the streets trying to raid your place will be the kind of people most likely to do this kind of thing without any kind of societal breakdown anyway. These will be the people who wouldn't think twice about using knives and baseball bats to get their way. They would also be the first people to bring the illegal firearms onto the streets, mostly hand guns and sawn-off shotguns. With them it is simply "might is right" so you have to be mightier.

Absent firearms, in the UK the defensive weapon of choice should be the crossbow. This because it can be used from a semi-concealed position and just showing that you have one has a serious deterrent effect. From a defensive position it is better than the long bow and easy to operate. It can be loaded out of sight.. Not only that they can be bought inexpensively and sights in a similar way to a rifle (for rifle type crossbows).

Something that even so called experts in the field do not get about crossbows is that in general they are not kinetic energy weapons but momentum weapons. It is the quarrel momentum, more than the quarrel kinetic energy they posses, that gives them their lethality through penetration. A cheap Taiwanese 150lb draw crossbow has three times the UK legal limit for air rifles KE (3x12ftlbs = 36ftlbs) but almost 9x the muzzle momentum. This makes it lethal, and when scope/sights calibrated, accurate at up to 50 yards. This puts it at least on par with a handgun at that range/per shot. My most powerful xbow (of 7) is rated for polar bear, bankers and baliffs at ranges exceeding 200 yards.

While illegal in the UK broadhead bolt tips can be bought if not, in theory, used. While a target point will penetrate, a broad head will cut about an inch wide swathe, severing blood vessels on its way, right through a body and very significently increases the lethality of a quarrel (bolt). Keep a minimum of 30 bolts per crossbow. Target points are designed to minimize such lethality but such a bolt will stop agressive action.

Crossbows apart it is worth considering dieseling air rifles. Ideally .22 (maybe .25) using 30 grain pellets will give you about 16+ ft/lbs (illegal). Also it is possible to make single shot black powder hand guns including grip, trigger, igniter and barrel for as little as £5 each. Black powder precursors can be bought on line. They can be made to fire lead or steel ball or even machined projectiles. A useful if illegal back-up.

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Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 8:05 pm
by carefix
My prepping so far has been limited to prepping for the global financial reset, formally known as the global financial collapse until it became evident that the world's central bankers knew it was coming and intended to reset the system with them still in charge.

I was initially concerned with maintaining sufficient food and water supplies with heating, cooking and defence thrown in. This was also for my neighborhood as well as my family. OK I went well on that and some of my neighbors are into it in at least a small way. More encouraging is that prepping for a hard Brexit is becoming a national pastime. All my wider family are involved in both scenarios apart from my brother who sadly is an idiot.

Prepping for a GSM is an entirely different matter and that is what Christian and other GSM preppers are doing and demonstrating as well as publicising the rapidly approaching disaster and how to deal with it. My prepping for a financial system reset is also fine for a hard Brexit but almost worthless as regards the GSM. The problem with UK GSM prepping is that for most people, very little can be done. The main problem is growing food. How many in Europe and the UK have any, let alone sufficient, growing land? Most of us live in cities or towns and if we are lucky enough to have a garden to a post sixties house the builders probably removed the top soil when the house was built. In addition we will likely be surrounded by high walls, solid fences and houses which prevent what light which might otherwise be available from getting in.

Because of my age, health and my wife's being bed bound I have very little hope we will survive much longer. For this reason only prepping for the GSM is beyond us. I have done some very interesting engineering design work on hybrid agriculture which might help make life for some survivors possible in the UK. To actually implement a test site I need a few million dollars.

Re: UK Self defence

Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2019 6:13 am
by MarkG
If society breaks down, as you say, the first priority will be to avoid violence as much as possible. A wound that would be treated as an outpatient or at worst result in a hospital stay today is likely to be a death sentence without access to such treatment.

I was reading a while back about black-powder pistols of the 1800s, which were much less powerful than modern handguns--terminal ballistics on a similar level to a modern .22 or .32--but it didn't matter, because you'd probably lose a limb or die of infection if you were shot. Disease or poor medical care would usually get you if the bullet didn't.

So those who set out to be violent aren't likely to survive for long.

I tend to feel that if you need more than a double-barreled shotgun to protect yourself, you probably made a big mistake somewhere along the line (like living in a city which can't support itself). Because if you need an AR-15 or AK-47 to survive where you live, you're going to get shoot or stabbed and probably die as a result.

And such shotguns are relatively easy to own in the UK. It's many years since I lived there, but it used to be that you could get a shotgun license and own as many as you wanted so long as they weren't semi-auto and had a limited magazine (3 rounds?).

Edit: and, yeah, one of the earlier posts reminds me that I should get my bow out again and get some practice this summer. Was too cold to venture out to the indoor range through the winter!

Re: UK Self defence

Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2019 6:18 am
by MarkG
carefix wrote:
Sun Feb 03, 2019 8:05 pm
The problem with UK GSM prepping is that for most people, very little can be done. The main problem is growing food. How many in Europe and the UK have any, let alone sufficient, growing land?
Yes. If I remember correctly, Britain can only produce about half its food in the best of times. If the weather gets as bad as it might, that could drop to 20-30%, or maybe even less.

Then a lot of people starve.

The mass immigration of the last 20 years that's exploded the population is absolutely insane, because there's literally no way to feed the current population without massive imports. And if there are no imports because every country is seeing a major decline in food production... it's done.