Bringing more to bear for clarity on the magnetosphere

Grand Solar Minimum: Science behind the cycles and effects, as well as historical analysis.
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Re: Bringing more to bear for clarity on the magnetosphere

#21 Post by Andy F » Sun Dec 30, 2018 6:38 am

I have & use a computerized & motorized Tar Heel ham radio antenna, it's the best one I've found yet. I know that Tar Heel Ant guy in NC.
I'm now working through your last few posts here. It is so interesting, still is a bit above my head but I try.

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Re: Bringing more to bear for clarity on the magnetosphere

#22 Post by anomalous howard » Sun Dec 30, 2018 2:10 pm

Grinding my way through this newer, more catastrophic thesis that has been sprung on us. Its relationship to the geomagnetic perspective definitely says it belongs on this topic.

In Ben Davidson's words, "The North (magnetic) Pole would slowly meander around the Arctic Circle and then begin to trace towards the (geographic) pole....faster, speeding up and then catching a hairpin turn around the geographic pole and then come back down."



As we have been watching, the North Magnetic Pole has moved past the geographic pole in the last several months. Now that it's there, the hairpin turn and swing to the Equator is imminently next.....IF what is outlined by Doug Vogt and the evidence/forecast brought forward in the S0 video is accurate. There's still the issue of exact timing but I'm leaning toward ANY DAY in the next year...two years at the outside. It could be this week or during January or whenever 2019. We are certainly living in interesting times. Dangerous times as well. One could say biblically so.

Diamond of Oppenheimer Ranch has been a faithful adherent to the Milankovich Cycle as the culprit behind the 12,000 year cycle. He based this view on his research as a geologist. In an earlier post I showed evidence from Ned Nikolov why that cycle could not be causal in the way that its adherents claim.

After listening to Diamond's vid for yesterday in which he brings up his plans to interview Vogt.... At 19:33 into the video he pretty much suggests that he would be ready to drop the Milankovich Cycle like a hot potato in favor of Vogt's "mechanism" that is on the same periodicity but not related.

The first thing that comes to mind about that is, even though the mechanism that has been ascribed to the Milankovich cycle (distance from Sun due to orbital obliquity etc) is not the case, the Milankovich Cycle may be related to cyclical variations in interplanetary/solar magnetic field interactions that are correlative to what Vogt brings forward. But that's just spitballing. It may be quite plausible though since cause/effect interplay between various magnetic fields could follow things like orbital cyclicity thus being a factor in the Sun's internal magnetics. A question to ask would be if variations in the orbits of the other planets...mostly Jupiter and Saturn...also have a 12,000 year Milankovich-like obliquity cycle.

According to the "World in Peril" image, what is expected if the thesis were to hold, we would not see a full magnetic pole reversal. It would be a 90ish degree excursion. Note the magnetic pole crosses the Prime Meridian past Geographic North on the Western hemisphere side in the book's illustration.

In the present time this crossing is on the Eastern Hemisphere side. And it has already happened. So if there's going to be that "hairpin turn" (Ben's wording), it should be sooner than everyone expects. If Vogt's "micronova" timing is correct, the micronova would happen between one and two decades after the pole shift.

Since the "micronova" event has been cyclically tied to the pole shift, if magnetic north just continues along its merry way, on the track it has already established, for the next several months to a year, it would be safe to say that the micronova thesis can be put in the out box.

If the "hairpin turn" around the geographic pole occurs from the current configuration we get north and south magnetic on the opposite sides from what is shown in the book. But that would make sense since the illustration in the book would show the result of one half of a full cycle with the next "event" completing the full "flip" cycle.....returning the poles to the position they would have "flipped" to two excursions ago.


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Re: Bringing more to bear for clarity on the magnetosphere

#23 Post by dirtmurphy » Sun Dec 30, 2018 4:26 pm

anomalous howard wrote:
Sun Dec 23, 2018 1:00 am
BTW dirt,
You are now famous as, "that other fella from North Carolina"
How cool is that? :D
I've also been slogging through Vogt and Ben's works but I've had a migraine the past couple of days so I need to go back over some things. Do you have access to Fly on the Wall? They've been having a really cool discussion about this over there. Ben is also having a panel at OTF this Feb on this topic. He has invited Mr. Vogt to participate. Here is the link for anyone who may be interested in attending the conference.
There still appears to be quite a bit of wobble going on in the North Magnetic Pole movement, which is pretty normal. That's why data isn't "officially" released to the public on a daily, weekly, monthly, even annual basis. Or at least that's the US government's official excuse. Until we see the acceleration, we can't be sure that we're seeing the "impulsive jerk." I would like to see data from other years around the time of the Solstice to see if there's always this wobble/ jerk. I always found it interesting that we saw this change at the same time that we saw our "anomaly."

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Re: Bringing more to bear for clarity on the magnetosphere

#24 Post by Daniel Brastaviceanu » Sun Dec 30, 2018 6:08 pm

Hey guys, thanks for bringing up the subject. I might have some input about the mechanisms of Reversals and Excursions. Has to do with spinning tilt angles that give currents direction and momentum, and the little orbit of the solid core that is planar to the Moon (Sun and passing by planet's also but the Moon is most influential on the orbit angle of the core), not in the same angle as the tilt of the planet, so the core is attracted towards the Moon and offcentered, and stirs the soup that tries to spin with the planet.. So we have 2 different angles fighting that change over time and twice every Great Year they produce currents that don't agree and want to flip.. but they usually go back the way they were,, so to explain simple Reversals like the Matuyama-Brunhes even, there must be another external magnetic explanation like our solar system's magnetic interaction with neighbouring solar system's..
OK so for the local mechanism, there is a pattern:
First they seam to happen twice every Great Year (precession): when we enter Leo we get the worse ones, double reversals (Gothenburg Geomagnetic Excursion 12-13000ya,, and Leschamp Magnetic Excursion 40,000ya,, etc).. and when we enter Aquarius we get the mild ones, semi-reversals (like now, and the Lake Mungo Magnetic Excursion 26,000ya,, etc). So it seams that the angle of the spinning axis has to do with Reversals/Excursions and on the 360° precession there seam to be 2 critical angles where they tend to happen. And exactlly when they tumble has to do with the obliquity of the Moon's orbit, that gives the core a little orbit around the center, at just the angle where currents go nuts and flip :lol:
So anyway,, when we read literature on the Excursions mentioned above,, and about the Matuyama-Brunhes,, we realize that the hard times during these events are just DECADES, with a peak in the middle... But cheer up because we have the best possible scenario: we're entering Aquarius and already this Excursion is slower than average,, and won't have time to complete the process in my opinion. A 90° deviation sounds plausible. Unless it's a Reversal (simple flip and polarity remains reversed).. then, looking the Grand Solar Minimums of the mild past, they also have bigger cycles of ups and downs and it looks like the Eddy Minimum should be a mild one like the Oort Minimum. Also the fact that GSM coincides with the Peak of the Magnetic Excursion is a good thing because the Sun will be quiet while our magnetic field is weak and vulnerable.. and our orbit around the Sun is almost circular now (100,000-year eccentricity cycle), so this is optimal.
So I think we are very lucky and this is good reason to party hard this New Year's :lol:

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Re: Bringing more to bear for clarity on the magnetosphere

#25 Post by anomalous howard » Sun Dec 30, 2018 6:43 pm

The 12.59, 12.99 data was a big factor in my thoughts while exploring the (not) "anomaly". The Mayotte ELF event in November is what got DMIII going with it.
There's certainly a lot going on now...all at once, so it wasn't difficult to leap toward "anomaly" when it first came up. A lesson for us as the search for better answers continues.
I'm not subscribed to Fly on the Wall, preferring to develop my own uninfluenced direction of investigation.
So I should ask, do you have access? If so, has anyone mentioned that the Milankovich Cycle may be involved magnetic field-wise? Since it's also a 12,000 year period it could make sense. Also whether other planets in the solar system have that same cycle involved with their own orbits?
From what I've seen, since I write a lot in quite a few forums, (Diamond is a member of a private fb prepper group I'm in and I have "randomly" posted comments on everybody's videos here and there) much of what I write about comes up in videos from various people a week or three after I discussed things here, silicon investor, fb, twitter and youtube vids. I believe it was yesterday or today that Diamond put the image of NASA's model showing multiple north and south magnetic poles spread over Earth during a magnetic pole shift. I actually began posting that image months ago in silicon investor but more recently here...and SI again...and fb and twitter. Things like that. Even though the magnetosphere "problem" had already been mentioned for a while everywhere, I very definitively said here (and elsewhere) recently that it should be focused on more. [Dec 7: "It is quite likely that magnetosphere strength, from here cycle 25 sloowwwly revs up, will need closer attention now." ... d=31918594 ] Ten days later I started this topic on the Ice Age Farmer Forum. So here we are now with everyone doing just that.
In the words of the Mexican bandidos from "Blazing Saddles" (and before that in "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre")...."We don't need no Fly on the Wall" (um...badges). But if you have access to Fly on the Wall, any reports from you would certainly be welcome.
And since I don't trust the gubmint to tell the complete truth about anything, I'm not convinced by their "official excuse" for the 5 year wait between divulging the locations of the magnetic poles. 5 years is obviously too long. And there's no guarantee that they will ever again tell us.

anomalous howard
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Re: Bringing more to bear for clarity on the magnetosphere

#26 Post by anomalous howard » Mon Dec 31, 2018 6:51 am

So now we go here: ... d=31953622

and here: ... d=31953666

and a search for - "Theodore White" astromet barycentric - is recommended:
You will find results including: ... lutos.html

and here:
For anyone not familiar with Randall Carlson or Robert Schoch...two videos that are a must. Both are sessions with Joe Rogan. There is also a voluminous amount of material on their work available all over the internet so I suggest looking into that as well. It all centers on cycles of solar and planetary induced periods of reset. Appropriate here since grand solar minimum being one of those aspects of reset.

Start at the beginning or start at 16:20 for the heart of the matter:

The Carlson/Hancock interview doesn't bring it out but I know Carlson has addressed this extensively.

The "solar outburst" (Schoch) dovetails well with Vogt's work, the sudden melting of Carlson, the barycentric cyclicity of it and the magnetic interplay signals we can see in magnetosphere weakening/magnetic pole migration. As well as increased cosmic ray flux/climate shift/seismic/volcanic evidence. Studying the cyclicity of it all is one thing but the immediacy of our present situation is quite another.

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