Dehydrator & etc Recipes, Meals in a Bag or Jar

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Re: Dehydrator & etc Recipes, Meals in a Bag or Jar

#11 Post by Andy F » Wed Feb 06, 2019 10:34 pm

Cowboy Casserole using Yoder's Hamburger purchased from - MRE Depot - RECIPE here -
I ordered a case of Yoder's, I've had it before & it is good.
MRE's are good, but they're over $10 for one meal if you buy a case of 12. Single MRE is ~$18.00 & they're Surplus on Amazing or eBay. I can do better.
MRE Depot sells the "heater pak" for $7.95 for 12 -

I'm a long time fan of NoBoil Lasagna & other Pasta 1 Skillet home made recipes etc,
so I'm modifying their recipe for a ONE Skillet meal, from a bag a can and water.
I will update the recipe within a month and I rarely forget my word.

Yoder's Hamburger in a Can.
28 Ounces in Each Can (#2.5 cans), 1 3/4 Pounds of US Raised and Commercially Canned Hamburger per can, fully cooked and ready to eat! Total of 21 Pounds of Ground Beef. $118.95 Free Shipping.
Made by Yoder's in Ohio, an Amish family tradition for more than 40 years, this product will protect your family and yourself in times of uncertainty. This Canned Meat is non-perishable, requires no refrigeration and is ideal for camping, travel, and long-term food storage. This product may be stored for 10 years or more in airtight sealed cans.

Produced exclusively from US farm raised, USDA inspected Choice cuts of meat and commercially canned in the United States under the strictest quality standards for optimal taste, quality and safety.
Yoder's case H $118.jpg
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Re: Dehydrator & etc Recipes, Meals in a Bag or Jar

#12 Post by Kink » Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:02 pm

Started this thanks to this thread of yours, can't wait to try the Cowboy casserole :D

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