Earth's Magnetic Polar Reversal - the mechanism

Grand Solar Minimum: Science behind the cycles and effects, as well as historical analysis.
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Earth's Magnetic Polar Reversal - the mechanism

#1 Post by anomalous howard » Thu Feb 07, 2019 4:32 am

Differential rotational speed of the Sun surface = 11 yr. mag pole reversal & heliosphere weakens. The effects are seen in the sunspot cycle. Sunspots begin a cycle at higher latitudes and move equator-ward. As the cycle progresses, magnetic activity weakens as magnetic field lines go from north/south orientation to east/west orientation and sunspots are less able to form.

Accelerating differential rotational speed of the Earth's outer core surface = accelerating mag pole reversal on Earth & magnetosphere weakens.

"Deep below our planet’s surface a molten jet of iron nearly as hot as the surface of the sun is picking up speed.

This stream of liquid has been discovered for the first time by telltale magnetic field readings 3000 kilometres below North America and Russia taken from space.

The vast jet stream some 420 kilometres wide has trebled in speed since 2000, and is now circulating westwards at between 40 and 45 kilometres per year deep under Siberia and heading towards beneath Europe (see diagram, below). That is three times faster than typical speeds of liquid in the outer core.

No one knows yet why the jet has got faster, but the team that discovered the accelerating jet thinks it is a natural phenomenon that dates back as much as a billion years"

“We’ve known that the liquid core is moving around, but our observations haven’t been sufficient until now to see this significant jet.” ... nd-canada/

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Re: Earth's Magnetic Polar Reversal - effects?

#2 Post by iceagefarmer » Thu Feb 07, 2019 5:32 pm

I've been paying close attention to this. It's clearly accelerated drastically, and this is happening NOW. The problem is that there are vastly differing opinions on what to expect:

* Some folks say this could happen and not much would change beyond our compasses. That seems "optimistic" if not naive.
* Others say, it would be pretty rough: even just based on magnetic field strength falling to 5-10% (which we DO see some indications in geologic record), we'd experience real problems: grid failures, more climate chaos.
* Still others REALLY milk the fear factor: "The Earth will stop spinning for three days, then reverse direction. Mile-high waves will wash over the continents. Crustal displacement and the finger of God will come smite thee."

And everything in between. So -- open question:
This is clearly something important we should be talking about, but how to talk about it intelligently? I do not seek to spread (much less broadcast) fear porn. While GSM is demonstrable, and on a regular enough cycle that we DO have historical data: crops failing, pestilence, etc., there is not much agreement on magnetic shift.

What do you think?


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Re: Earth's Magnetic Polar Reversal - the mechanism

#3 Post by Kink » Thu Feb 07, 2019 5:53 pm

I think it should all be discussed Christian. A lot of people had no idea about the solar cycles before channels like yours, let alone about the grand solar minimum. Now with Zharkova's latest work we know it may be grander than that. How the viewer will react comes down to how it's portrayed to them, and I think you've found a good balance in your videos of informing people of the truth while not stoking fear thanks to your personality & tone of voice.

Now finding out there's a connection between the increase in cosmic rays and a pole shift to me personally I think it would be doing people a disservice to not have channels spreading this knowledge as we acquire it so we can all interpret it and discuss it and better understand it. At the end of the day, the truth is scary, because it requires us to take action, but the sooner we can prepare people mentally, that to me is the most important thing next to preparing with necessities, due to the mind having to be able to picture and visualize the threat in order for our instincts to take control.

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Re: Earth's Magnetic Polar Reversal - the mechanism

#4 Post by dirtmurphy » Thu Feb 07, 2019 7:45 pm

The GSM and the weakening magnetosphere are separate and concurrent events. We have never encountered a GSM like this in recorded history. Christian is right to be cautious in how this subject is approached. I share his concerns in this area. Anomalous Howard and I have had several good discussions about this in the past. In my opinion, Anomalous is being very measured in how he brings up the magnetosphere to the community. If we are to talk more about it, we should follow his example. To jump on the sensationalist bandwagon (Chan Thomas) would be a big mistake. Let's keep it scientific.
My background is in biology. In the lab, we can devise experiments that narrow things down to a single cause and effect but those causes and effects may not hold in the real world. There are simply too many variables in nature. We live in a time where we have a two massive events going on simultaneously. I do not believe that it will be possible for us to tease much out as only being caused by the GSM or by the weakening magnetosphere. No matter what causes what, we have to live through it. The preps will largely be the same for both events.
I think the wisest course of action is to research the magnetosphere issue fully before discussing it publicly. That way we don't spread fear and disinformation.

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Re: Earth's Magnetic Polar Reversal - the mechanism

#5 Post by anomalous howard » Sat Feb 09, 2019 6:39 pm

To me it makes sense that the events observed on the Sun that are concurrent with the regularly occurring 11 year cyclic polarity flip should also be the same type of events we would see on Earth for its own polarity flip. The variable spin rate from equator to pole on the Sun's surface is well known and scientists are convinced that it is directly associated with the polarity flip.

Now it's been observed here on Earth that there is a rotating magnetic surface area at the outer core that shows a variable rotation rate.

The effect on magnetic fields should be the same. The Sun's field weakens as the process progresses and we see the Earth's field weakening.

The Sun's polarity flips only at the "end" of the process. What makes the "end" an end point, is the flip itself. The flip then realigns the field directionality in question into a stronger alignment and the process starts again.

Seeing that the variable rate of rotation at the Earth's outer core is accelerating at the same time that Earth's magnetic field's weakness and the magnetic polar excursion is also accelerating should be enough to tie it together to say the same thing that happens on the Sun happens here too.

The Solar polar reversal doesn't result in massive surface changes on the no "crustal" 1,000 mile/hr winds and no mega-tsunami action and the Sun doesn't stop rotating or reverse rotational direction.
There is the difference in surface make-up between Sun and Earth though but it seems that Earth's surface, being more solid, would feel less of an effect from the flip than the Sun's would. The Sun's field is MUCH stronger and its surface is much more fluid...and much more magnetic.

The real threat to humans from the pole flip/excursion is the weakening magnetosphere and that, imo translates as a threat via our reliance/dependence on electronics technologies. With just a GSM there was also the threat of grid down with the higher latitude, densely populated cities being most at risk. Extreme snow/ice events are something that should become too common and more geographically widespread for repair to keep up with and the strain on the rest will degrade everything.
We know hurricanes decrease during warming periods so cooling periods will see more of them. Another grid threat. Hail events become more of a grid threat too. So my plans, as I have outlined them for my own prep so far, already account for grid loss.

In prepping for the GSM, there should likely be a category for the risk of grid down that is equally important as food and water. Getting as Amish as possible is probably the best direction to go. The Amish do just's not a life-style that strikes fear into the Amish as they wake up every morning.
It takes more land so indoor vertical gardening helps there. Stockpiling solar panels and energy storage capacity would be the biggest additional burden for prepping. Both cost and research time-wise.

Then there's the electronic systems as related to how most people store/access their money. There is very likely to be a time when any money one has behind the electronic wall will no longer be accessible. So part of prepping along that aspect would be to do as most preppers already have an idea about. Reduce that electronic money to physically held silver/gold and stocks of barter items. Long term food storage is another conversion technique. Gold/silver is easily convertible to cash so instead of having an emergency stash of money in a bank...get it into silver/gold instead. Any "savings" for the future...figure out just what it is that you're saving for and make that future now. Turn the savings into your future reality. If you were saving for more than 10 years out...well, ten years from now, whatever that was isn't going to be what you were initially planning for anyway.

I think approaching the weakening magnetosphere by tailoring one's prep efforts to get more "Amish" is the best way to go.

anomalous howard
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Re: Earth's Magnetic Polar Reversal - the mechanism

#6 Post by anomalous howard » Wed Feb 13, 2019 5:14 am

NASA held a live Q&A this afternoon. I asked some Qs. I like to start simple and work my way up:

"What are the "wild particles" trapped by the magnetic fields of that region? Where do they come from? Does the region become overcharged at times? If so, how does the system handle it? How would it be handled differently with a weaker magnetosphere? How would the influence of a generally weaker heliosphere effect the system? Would it become more readily overcharged in the case of a weaker magnetosphere/heliosphere?"

NASA Sun Science: These are all fantastic questions! Some of them are among most highly debated topics at the forefront of the scientific research. We could spend a full day discussing them, and would only barely scratch the surface.

Very briefly - we are talking about charged particles (mostly electrons and protons) that have very high energy, such than they travel at speeds very close to the speed of light. Radiation belt particles are trapped by Earth’s magnetic field in a doughnut-like cavity encircling the planet. The most remarkable fact is that most of these particles are energized in near-Earth space, which works as a giant particle accelerator! The intensity of particle radiation in the belts is highly sensitive to what is happening with the Sun - in response to the solar-energy driving it can vary dramatically: completely disappear or increase by many orders of magnitude!

All planets with magnetic fields in our solar system — and probably across the universe — have radiation belts, which makes Earth’s belts a natural laboratory where we can study how particles are accelerated in space. The intensity of the belts does depend on how strong the planetary magnetic field is. But it also depend on many other processes that contribute to particle acceleration. Here is a short EOS articles that outline the Van Allen Probes mission and discusses the complexity of physical mechanisms that sculpt the belts:

Down the rabbit hole of their answer: They left me this link: ... olar-cycle "Radiation Belt Processes in a Declining Solar Cycle"

Which was a good read. But that link led me to this link: ... n-the-show "Electric Currents in Outer Space Run the Show"

Which was a better read. But that link led me to this link: ... 017-0412-2 "Space Weather Effects Produced by the Ring Current Particles"

Now we're getting excellent read. But that link led me to this link: "Radiation belt electron precipitation due to geomagnetic storms: Significance to middle atmosphere ozone chemistry" ... 10JA015599

Long story short - from my reading of all the above:
Greater influence from coronal hole streams (which are more predominant during solar minimums and weak sunspot cycles in general) is the biggest cooling factor on Earth. With the waning magnetosphere due to the magnetic pole excursion/migration/reversal/flip, that influence will be greatly magnified. Shit's gonna get REAL cold and the polar vortex is gonna get REAL busy during the coming Winters. It's not just cloud nucleation from increased cosmic rays. The pole shift will pump up the cold WELL beyond expected GSM consequences.

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