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#1 Post by Gekko » Tue Aug 14, 2018 9:03 pm


All religions that I know talk about a heaven or an afterlife. I resonate the dimension concept with us being 3rd dimensional humans.
There are all kind of Rapture, Ascension, Alien intervention ideas about how this will happen.
These normally involve moving to 5D in a light body.

Having thought about this for many years I have a theory, just a theory. You mite not like it.
This is it;
We are all going to die.
But we are in a period that is a graduation opportunity, an end of a grand cycle.
I propose the theory that the time we are heading into is a final exam, a test of who we are.
Just like in Revelations.
When we die, old age or not, we will be evaluated in some way, to see if we lived service to others or service to self.
This period of GSM could be the ultimate test on our moral code.
Will you take and kill or will you help others.
What will you do when the SHTF.
Doing anything to survive may end up in a fail and a retake of 3D for another few hundred lives even if you were a 'good' person until the test.

It brings up all kind of questions, like is taking a life OK if you are saving your life, the weak or kids?
If you have food for 2 years do you help strangers even though you know your family needs it later?

I don't have the answers right now but the theory is that we will be tested in this way and our choices will effect our graduation eligibility upon transition.

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Re: Graduation

#2 Post by JT_Ohio » Fri Aug 17, 2018 3:17 am

We are definately living in a grand time, no pun intended, my past studies with spirituality has concluded that this is a special time in which we can accelerate our learning, experiences and have the energy to work through things that could a few life times or a few hundred and be able to progress in a single life. I like Gekko's points, they feel right and the questions he poses are things we may not think about.

My take is that we are here to learn and grow, we can do this in many ways, service to others i believe is the key, having compassion and with the ability to give with out attachments allows us to grow, as that tests our ego and our heart. When you give unconditionally, when it feels good that you are helping others, that feeling/vibrational is what allows life to move throught you. What you give returns to you, what you put out comes back. From my healing work, when you open your channel and allow life energy to flow through you, the healer receives the benefit of the session as much as the client.

I have always wondered what is the purpose of these GSM? Are they tests for people and society? Do they remove the ones that are not growing or serving others? Do they remove the strong ego based systems that only serve a very few?

I think alot of people would agree that things are accelerating or have the feeeling of quickening. This is part of the changes that are taking place. I believe the energy that we are experiencing is allowing us to create what ever we want to now. If you want to focus on learning to garden, raise a family, make money, experience x y or z, its all here for us and for us to have that experience now, and if we are done with and ready to move to another thing, or it we want to be an expert in something, we can do that now.

Its really your choice, and what you do and how you want to experience this will be what you need to grow and learn.



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