Hi from country Victoria, Australia

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Hi from country Victoria, Australia

#1 Post by michelleh » Mon Nov 25, 2019 2:25 am

Hi I'm Michelle...I live in the sticks about a 160km /80 mile from Melbourne...We're about 35 minutes from a main town, which is still too close for me but we need to be relatively close I guess as cost of travel isn't cheap these days.
Anyway I haven't been on a normal forum for years...this is really exciting...I am always in trouble on FB, it tells me things like its fact checking my content and says I should post stuff by authors who know what they're talking about...its really creepy.
I've been expecting to get banned at any tick of the clock so am glad I found another outlet.

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Re: Hi from country Victoria, Australia

#2 Post by Andy F » Mon Nov 25, 2019 5:48 am


Facebook :lol:

Ooh, the stuff I could say about FB. Let's just call it FAKEBOOK!
Like Snowed In and Wikileaks are both fake, hoaxers of 97% nonsense.
I always laugh over those Greenberg cousins (Eric & Mark)
Assange comes from AU "The Family" of bleach bottle blonde kids.

For some who know, it's just one big bamboozle of comedy :lol:

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