Grand Solar Minimum in the Alaskan Frontier

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Grand Solar Minimum in the Alaskan Frontier

#1 Post by burleythedog » Sat Dec 21, 2019 6:26 am

Hello all,

I am new to the forum and am extremely humbled by the work of Christian, the ice age farmer and the community of farmers on this forum. Though I have yet to grow food for myself in a sustainable capacity at 61 degree N latitude I strive to obtain local products and support grassroots agriculture in Alaska. We are the youngest and fastest growing small business agriculture movement in the nation currently, and growing conditions have never been better! Hotter temperatures, longer growing seasons and an abundant fresh water supply has aided us in self-preservation. In contrast with much of the northern hemisphere and continental US, Alaska becomes WARMER and DRIER in a Grand Solar Minimum. This phenomenon is of course right in line with much of the climate research that is being produced right now in AK, which reflects a rapid warming trend. So my question is: WILL Alaska become the next agriculture scene of California or are we too isolated? :?: Also: I have the opportunity to purchase sizable agriculture land for a reasonable price now as the economy is essentially in a lull up here do to mass exodus of oil and gas (i.e. traditional) revenues. I feel like we are getting ready to turn a corner in a big way.

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Re: Grand Solar Minimum in the Alaskan Frontier

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