Mass Animal Deaths - Frozen Animal Life - Land & Oceans

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Re: Mass Animal Deaths - Frozen Animal Life - Land & Oceans

#1 Post by anomalous howard » Fri Jan 18, 2019 5:08 pm

As noted in Christian's most recent video, the drought condition brought on in parts of Australia as we enter the Eddy Minimum is taking a large toll on farming. Efforts to try and mitigate the toll include ecologically destructive methods of lake and river water re-allocation in an effort to prevent the imminent failure of cotton and rice farming along the Darling River in New South Wales. Draining the Menindee Lakes to keep water levels of the Lower Darling River high enough for irrigation is killing off an ancient species of well as other the river. The lakes have levels of fertilizers in their waters that cause algal blooms in the river. Unsustainable farming practices come home to roost during a GSM. ... over-time/
" N.S.W.Politicians and public servants are making decisions to gain political points-votes to use water licences for cotton and rice flood irrigating.On the Barwon-Darling River huge pumps have been installed -built to drain the river system dry for agriculture crops that should not be grown in driest continent in the world.Communities below the Bourke Weir to the S.A. Border are being ignored regarding water flow for farmers who have been on the land all there life.Recently Heritage,Enviroment and Destruction allowed hundreds of hectares to cleared for a new cotton property at Bourke,they have installed pumps to fill dams from the Barwon -Darling River system-these pumps are that big they drag water upstream.The DPI and N.S.W. Water are acting like criminals with there mismanagement of water."

Menindee Lakes/Darling River system

"This is the result of draining the Menindee Lakes twice in four years, killing the system."

He added that 250,000 livestock and millions of native animals are at risk from the increasingly toxic river water.

'One million' fish die in Australian river in 'ecological catastrophe'
Government is accused of mismanaging the Darling River to benefit cotton growers and those upstream. ... m=referral


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