Public infrastructure upgrades in central rural Germany

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Public infrastructure upgrades in central rural Germany

#1 Post by danielem0617 » Sun Dec 30, 2018 3:22 pm

Hello all,

just talked to a friend who works for a public utility company in central rural Germany. He told me that massive investments for upgrading the public infrastructure have been ongoing for the last two years. These upgrades include making the power grids resilient to solar & cosmic rays, which I found interesting. I'd say this friend is still in the beginning stages of awakening, but he knows that someting is going on.
Furthermore, the water distribution systems have been massively upgraded, as to withstand prolonged power outages. Also, a lot of machinery and vehicles for disaster situations has been purchased, etc.

I found this very interesting and wanted to share it. I thought that many people in the leading positions of government and instutitons are firmly asleep but maybe there is awareness at key positions of the coming climatic challenges. Of course, the population has not been informed yet about the reality of the situation but maybe this is deliberate, so that these preparations can be done in an orderly and calm fashion, without generating panic.

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