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Online Marketing - Share The Knowledge!

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Okay, well this has been a bit frustrating for me to put together, mostly because I got in such a hurry the first time around to create and submit torrents for all the YT videos for Ice Age Farmer, that I wound up pushing the "ok" button at exactly the wrong moment, causing all 216 videos and torrent hash files to be instantly wiped out... It might be a blessing in disguise as I found a better Torrent seeding client and have decided to add another layer of marketing for all of the video files created by Christian on Peer to Peer networks as well. (and making backups as I go this time!)

I have starting seeding / sharing the first 58 videos I pulled off the YT server with over 150 torrent trackers and several P2P networks including the serverless node types so in another day or so, people will be able to easily find all of the "Ice Age Farmer #" series on all their favourite file sharing platforms. I am trying to make this as super easy for people to help spread the word as possible, just by doing a search for "Ice Age Farmer #" on their favorite P2P client or Torrent search service as I can. If you happen to use these types of services, please do a search for the series, download it and share with the rest of the world.

We don't have the budget to fight the Mainstream media or certain platforms censoring information, but we can still use our own computers and internet connections to share this valuable information without needing to do much more than share a collection of files... on encrypted services. :D

I will keep adding several more files to the torrent networks each day and perform a network reset on the P2P networks with updated videos once each week as it takes a long time to connect to serverless node systems when seeding files. If you can spare a bit of space on your hard drive and some bandwidth to spread the word, it would be greatly appreciated!

Current Torrent list: Ice Age Farmer # (1-212) "will edit these numbers as they change"
Current P2P list: Ice Age Farmer # (1-212)
Files Shared :212 Seed Sources (212)
Connected Nodes: 478

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