ok, Bee like that. Retired Industrial Designer joins the refugium

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ok, Bee like that. Retired Industrial Designer joins the refugium

#1 Post by GreenDesigner1 » Sat Apr 06, 2019 2:35 pm

Greetings from CT - FROM A USA retired Industrial Designer...Who still has 6 original Whole Earth Catalogs

I am Very impressed with Christian's Intelligence level, plus he is a good and kind speaker and thinker. Well done! I look every night at the channel. Thank you sir. As a digital 'payment', Christian, Here is the Whole Earth Catalog, circa 1968 http://wholeearth.com/index.php ( It was THE pre-internet book. )


My keyword interests are: EMP / EMF protection, Shungite, & 5G - because first we have to be able to think and function.

1 Shungite will lessen greatly WiFi radiations as proven with the Non-colony collapse- on video - bees www.shungitebeehives.com

Healthy Bees are important to the web of life- it seems the problem was the EMF in the sky. So I think, why not make the paint for the Beehives that stops the wifi? (It's shungite powder mixed in external latex) And also paint your house walls. A very good business idea, IMO.

2 BUT ( It is said Shungite will not stop 5G microwaves. Cannot verify this opinion.) ......So. Only water and earth will, so either we make an underground home(earth bermed) or design a system to keep water on your roof and walls all the time. This is not difficult and I ask the refugium to ponder this, for example I thought of a system of thin water pillows assembled in a grid and placed on the roof. -- Question is does ICE stop 5G? -- After that we may need clothing to hold water, or enough moisture, like 2 TYVEK suits welded together.-- ???? -- This would be a rain suit in reverse, designed to hold water to stop 5G 60gHz mm waves, especially with a hat and goggles for the eyes. Any creative folks care to brainstorm with me, ask.We have 2 years until it rolls out.

Many unknowns = must research, I can design it in 3D and get manufacturing after a prototype-but need science based 5G proofs of concept, AND a meter to measure.

See you soon. I am not on fb and do not post online at all;
I like to think, 'What would DaVinci do?'

Peace in wisdom to the Refugium people


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